By Dr. Maria Lombardo

As a Cosmetic Surgeon, I hear it all the time… “It just happened overnight!” or “I saw pictures from an event I went to…. I don’t look like that!” “I don’t recognize the face I see in the mirror every morning!”

The facial aging process really begins around the age of 25.  We all lose volume from fat loss, muscle atrophy and even bone loss.   The rate of loss is about one teaspoon per year and that is why it takes about 10 years for most people to notice the loss.  And then, it just continues on…

There are fairly predictable age milestones that “give away” our age… Around the age of 35 we begin to see more prominent naso-labial folds or creases from the nose down to the corners of the mouth – often referred to as “the parentheses on my face”.  Somewhere around the age of 45 the cheeks and cheekbones can look hollow or less pronounced.  Around the age of 50 the dreaded jowls start to settle in.

Facial fillers to the rescue!  Several fillers (products that can add back the volume to your face!) have been available for years.  Our understanding of how to use these fillers to create a very natural look and restore a more youthful appearance has evolved, particularly over the last 5 years.  No one wants to look “different”… they just want to look better!  They want to look like they used to look and that is the goal of facial fillers.

Fillers can be strategically placed by injection to give a lift back to the cheeks, to smooth out a deeper fold or to fill in finer lines.  There are many different choices of products. They all have slightly different properties and are used in different ways and places on the face.  Some last 6 months, others last 1-2 years. There is even a filler (called Bellafill™) that is FDA approved to last up to 5 years.   Cost varies by product, too.  A general range is $500 -$1000 per syringe.

If you have been noticing changes in your face, you are not alone… It is happening to us all!  Both women and men can benefit restoring the lost facial volume.  Dr. Maria Lombardo, at Lombardo Cosmetic Surgery, offers complimentary consultations to evaluate for facial volume loss and provide a plan for replacement volume.  There is also a planned event on March 16th to discuss in depth the facial aging process and what can be done about it.  Please call 760-610-8990 with any questions or to set up a time to discuss your specific issues.