According to 2.06 million jobs were added last year. But you have been taking medical cannabis for pain anxiety depression blood pressure or the myriad symptoms that cannabis treats. How do you pass the drug test? First you need to understand the three different methods for extracting cannabinoid (CBD) oil; full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates.

Full spectrum products sometimes labeled, whole plant, contain many cannabinoids terpenes and enzymes from that cannabis strain including THC. Full spectrum is the preferred product due to the entourage effect THC and CBD have together. The entourage effect is when the combination of two molecules produce more than the sum of its parts.

In order to treat diseases vs symptoms even one part THC multiplies the therapeutic effect of the CBD alone. Full spectrum products have less drug to drug interactions. In some cases, one mg twice a day of the full spectrum is all the user needs. The starting dose range for full spectrum is 2mg to 15mg.

 Broad spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids terpenes and enzymes for that strain of cannabis but zero THC. What is important to remember is extracting CBD from hemp requires a very large amount of hemp. After bundling all these leaves together, the 0.3% THC allowed by law can add up to 0.6%. It is good product for you but not lawful to sell or purchase in some states.

Therefore, broad spectrum products must remove all the THC to be labeled hemp CBD oil which became legal with the passing of the farm bill. Broad spectrum products require higher doses. Remember the THC is not there to boost the effectiveness of the other cannabinoids. Doses may start from 7.5mg to 30mg. Taking broad spectrum will allow you to pass the drug test. If you have a job and want to take medical cannabis you can start by choosing a broad spectrum product

Products labelled isolates are the CBD oil without any other cannabinoids terpenes or enzymes from the plant beneficial for healing. The label may say “pure CBD oil.” Cannabinoids are lipophilic meaning they need fat to be activated. Adding an isomer molecule allows it to be more readily absorbed in the mouth. Products labeled terpsolates is the crystalline isolate infused with terpenes. These products are synthetics. Taking this product will allow you to pass the drug test but isolates are the least desirable and cause the most drug to drug interactions.

If you are already taking cannabis and you now have a new job you will first have to detoxify your body of all the THC stored in your fat cells. Chronic users of marijuana may take a month or more. There are kits in drug stores or on Amazon to help you with this process. It isn’t the CBD the lab test, it is the THC. Currently there is no test to correlate the blood concentration of THC that effects impairment. There are news reports that some companies are forgoing drug testing due to the shortage of skilled applicants.

Be sure your product does not have any fillers, is not extracted with butane and most of all is tested for mold pesticides metals and contaminants. Legitimate dispensaries show their products on the Internet and have a hyperlink for seeing the test results. Some have a code on the bottle. If you have a code reader on your phone you can then see the lab test on your phone.

The research on medical cannabis validates cannabis stimulating the pancreas to release insulin reducing a diabetic’s need for antiglycemic drugs. Research also validates the use of medical cannabis for reducing hypertension. The growth of the worldwide cannabis industry is responding to the need by the manufacture of broad spectrum hemp CBD oil.

Since the farm bill of 2018 hemp is now controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Therefore, you cannot purchase a hemp product in a dispensary. A smoke shop is not a place to purchase a medical hemp product. A reliable website is 

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