Gerard Grey is a 35 year old local tattooist. He has been working as an independent contractor at Body Accents Tattoo for almost 4 years, where all of his coworkers have different artistic styles using different kinds of medium to produce quality tattoos. Body Accents is conveniently located at 73885 Hwy 111 Suite 3, Palm Desert.
Grey enjoys focusing on the individualized pieces that his clients commission him to create. Materializing the client’s mental picture into a customized reality satisfies his desire to grow as an artist. Grey is openly passionate about other people’s ideas and has been S.E.L.M.A. affiliated for over 9 months.
Gerard has been drawing his life whole life. A self-proclaimed artist since ten years old. He significantly remembers enjoying a showing of his own art, a depiction of a “Blueprint of Gods Head”, in the Palm Springs Arts Museum back 1995.
Surrealism and fantasy comic cartoon based illustrations have become his preferred art form, using; oils, acrylics, and drawing media. “I get profound ideas from nature and technology. I believe life consists of a plethora of observations and it’s up to us to make the choices that will lead us in the right direction… In this day and age people should be more concerned about awakening , improving the self and global evolution instead of living in a society filled with desire and materialism.”
Gerard’s S.E.L.M.A volunteer record continues to grow. Not only has he supplied art for 3 of the 2012 Gardens of El Paseo Art Walks and is also planning to offer a FREE to SELMA member; Intro to Illustration course in 2013. On behalf of The SELMA Team we would like to thank Gerard for his participation and announce that Mr. Gerard Grey has agreed to donate a $300+ tattoo piece for the upcoming ZELDAS Fundraiser, October 2012.
“I think SELMA is a great opportunity for local artists to share their art and inspire other people. SELMA is productive, and I would encourage people to get on board.” _Gerard Grey
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