By Sunny Simon

Do you find yourself looking at the clock and wishing the big hand was on twelve and the little hand on five? If you feel the days are getting longer, and it has nothing to do with the sun rising earlier and setting later, it may be time to consider changing careers. Battling workplace boredom is clearly a waste of energy. If you are truly unhappy in your current profession, it is time to make a change. Don’t turn in your resignation, until you assess your situation and develop a plan.

It is important to determine the root of the problem. Why are you unhappy? Is your discontent caused by the type of work you do, the company culture, or a demanding and unreasonable boss? If your answer is the work, my second question is why are you no longer challenged by your job duties? Do you need to move up in the ranks and gain additional responsibilities? If so, a job change is the answer. Conversely, if you are daydreaming about an entirely different profession you feel would make you want to bolt out of bed each morning and arrive at work excited to begin the day, then prepare yourself for a career change.

Start by researching your career of choice. Consider the big picture. Gain an understanding of what it takes to make the transition. For example, will you need additional training? What is the economic outlook for individuals in the profession? A reliable source for fact finding on compensation levels, job outlook and employment trending is the Occupational Outlook Handbook compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Perform an online search and learn about career duties, work environment, preferred experience and educational requirements.


Check your commitment level. Understand the challenges of switching gears. You must be willing to do the prerequisite work before moving into a new field. Broaden your research by interviewing others in the profession. Do extensive reading of career profiles and if possible, find a coach or mentor who can offer sound advice and help guide you through a seamless transition.

If you’ve done your homework, and planned appropriately, embarking on a new career will be a highly rewarding experience. One more caution, expect a learning curve. Build in time to adjust to your new environment and activities. Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate your achievements. You’ve just carved out a new future and deserve to take a bow.