By Jenny Wallis

Dear Jenny,

A friend of mine, who I have been close friends with for quite a few years, recently started bothering me.  Let me explain, we have been through so much together and when it seems like I can’t depend on anyone or anything….we are always there for each other.  I consider myself blessed to have her in my life.  Sometimes though, she bugs me.  It can be the simplest things, how she talks, what she talks about, how she does just about anything, how she breathes, are you beginning to understand what I mean when I say she bugs me?  There really is no other way to describe it.  Like I said though, we have been friends for a long time and she didn’t always bug me.  It’s not like I dislike her, when I haven’t talked to her for a while, I want to connect, but once we start talking I get that feeling again.  What does it mean? Should we stop being friends?  Should I tell her?  I’d appreciate your input.

Thanks, Jenna


Hello Jenna,

Thanks for writing in.  So many people think that relationships are only romantic, I often have to remind people that friendships are relationships too.  It is safe to say that as time moves on all of us change our ways. Some of us to grow together with people we are having relationships with and some of us to grow apart, but we are always growing. And a lot of times when this growth happens one of the parties involved will grow in a different direction than the other. 

Something like this might have happened; you might have grown in a different direction. Growth is inevitable Jenna, it always happens, even if people don’t want it to. It sounds like something like that has happened between you and your friend. Sometimes we are so used to being friends and having the other in our lives we are comfortable with it and want it to continue, but the other person begins to rub us the wrong way so we don’t want to be around them.  But we are comfortable and used to that person being in our lives, which explains why you miss your friend and want to start a conversation if you have not spoken in a while.

Now let’s speak a little more about the situation you are going through. If a person who you are with does things that annoy you, that bother you, please know, that is your problem not theirs. If a person gets under your skin, you are the one who let them! If a person pushes your buttons you are the one letting them! Do you kind of see where I am going with this?  When a person bothers you a great deal, it is your job to look deep down inside and figure out why. Why are you letting yourself be bothered by this? What changes have recently happened in your life?


It’s very easy when we practice the law of attraction, and we are accountable for our feelings. When we understand that every single thing we put out always comes back to us, it is easier to understand that maybe we are putting out our own sort of bitchiness and irritating behavior and receiving some in return. When we have feelings of happiness, feelings of joy that is the time to appreciate, have gratitude, be grateful and expect more spectacular things to come our way. When we have feelings of irritation or we feel annoyed, we need to address those feelings as well. Feelings are just ways for us to figure out where we are and if something is not right we can address it. We should always pay very close attention to our feelings and emotions, are we happy with them?

❤Namaste, Jenny

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