Dear Jenny,

I am very happy being single and extremely happy with my life right now.  I am independent and I am able to do pretty much whatever I want.  I am always feeling happy and no one interferes with my plans!  I love my life; I can say that openly and honestly.

Every once in a while though, I catch myself thinking about what life would be like with a partner, and I wonder if I’m missing out.  Sometimes it feels like I’m the only single girl anywhere!  When I go to parties and everyone is coupled up, that’s the worst.  But then I tell myself that I am probably the envy of so many people in committed relationships.

I am such a great catch, I don’t know why I am still single…  I see some of those girls out there, so needy and clingy.  But why do they have relationships while I don’t?  I know that I wouldn’t be so, “high maintenance.”  Gosh, this whole relationship thing is so complicated, it’s so much easier to be single.

What are your thoughts?

– Paige


Hi Paige, that’s a pretty big question, with a lot of moving parts to it.

Probably the first thing that stands out in your comment is that you are happy being a certain way.  You state that you are happy being single and that enables you to make all of your own choices and decisions.  I think that that is wonderful, but I also think that by you stating it, you are pretty much sharing your fear.  And that fear is that you will never find a mate.  It’s a very simple answer, but I believe that based on what you said, this is your fear.

Not ending up with a partner could be your fear and you don’t even know it.  It’s something that you feel deep down in your subconscious.  All of us humans have a survival instinct, a protective instinct, and even when we don’t know it, we protect ourselves from the unknown.  Whether it be with words or actions, or in your case, justifications, we switch to survival mode.  Remember that what you fear, you always bring near.  Following the Law of Attraction, what we focus on, we attract to us.  And if you focus on your single life, that’s what you’ll have more of.  I promise you that.

While you’re single life may be fantastic and may come with lots and lots of benefits, you find yourself lonely at times for a partner, a beloved, because you know that that can come with lots of benefits as well.  It’s important to understand that you can have it all, a fantastic partnership and at the same time have all the advantages of independence.  Just stop focusing on one thing, stop believing you know what a perfect life looks like.  There comes a time when you need to be open.  Open to the universe and what it might bring you.   Paige, by being open you are releasing what you think love, your beloved, happiness, and independence need, to look like, you are putting faith in the universe.  It can be difficult to have faith in the unknown, but necessary for a fearless, passionate, and inspired life.

When we have so much focus on our current life and the way it is at the present time, it’s almost like we are holding on so tightly nothing can come to us.  We have to remember to let up on things (our plans, our worries) and release what we believe outcomes need to look like.

Always ask for what you want, know it’s coming to you and be ready to receive it when it does!

– Namaste, ❤Jenny

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