By Michelle Rizzio

This week I met up with Joy Beggs of Dreamfields farms from Desert Hot Springs. Dreamfields is a cannabis distro company that produces Jeeters prerolls. We discussed her experience and love for cannabis and Baby Jeeters. Read on to learn more,

CV Weekly: What inspired you to begin a career in cannabis?

Joy: “My inspiration comes from my passion for helping people. The flower itself has given me immense inspiration with her being a catalyst for aiding in providing relief and comfort to so many people in need. I began by selling medical grade chocolates, tinctures and capsules in medical stores across Washington State. I was astonished by the stories and people I came across, I’ve never looked back. It has brought me so much joy to be able to facilitate love and appreciation for cannabis and all of her amazing capabilities.”

CV Weekly: Tell me about the products that Dreamfields produces.

Joy: “Dreamfields is a distribution and manufacturing facility located in Desert Hot Springs. We carry a family of brands but Jeeter is our baby. We offer premium indoor flowered joints hand rolled and made with love. Available in 3 different sizes and now also offering pre rolls infused with distillate and dipped in kief. We pride ourselves on quality product at affordable prices and lots of juicy flavor with all strain specific flower, distillate and kief. We also have added Jeeter Juice to our brand, an amazing vape line available in 6 strains. Soon to be adding Jeeter bites, an edible candy to complete our collection! Our elite brand, Culture Club will be the next addition to the family; a whole plant, full spectrum sauce pen and cigar line. Super exciting stuff and something for everyone!”

CV Weekly: Where are your products cultivated?

Joy: “We work with a small handful of cultivators located here locally in the Coachella Valley and also out of Los Angeles. We source indoor flower only and work very closely with our growers.”

CV Weekly: What is your favorite product that you carry?

Joy: “My Fav product is definitely our Baby Jeeters all day, every day! They are the perfect size, taste so good for the entire smoke and pack a major punch! You get 5 mini joints that I like to call dog walkers; it’s the smoothest toke and most quality high.”

CV Weekly: How do you use cannabis in your daily life?

Joy: “Cannabis has always been my source of medicine. I have consumed nearly daily for 25+ years. It is a part of my daily routine, engrained in my soul and I am honored to work in this industry where I get to literally live out a dream!”

CV Weekly: Where can folks see you this week in the Coachella Valley?

Joy: This week, Jeeter will be @

10/24 WCCC PD 12-3

10/24 The Coughy Shop 4-7

10/25 Bare Dispensary 1-4

10/25 The Micro Buddery 4:20-7:10

10/26 Atomic BUDZ 3-5

10/26 420 Lounge 6-9

10/27 The Royal Highness 12-3

10/27 The Vault 4-7

10/29 The OG Collective 12-3

10/29 Dank Depot 4-7

10/30 City of Dank 12-3

10/30 The Coachella Lighthouse 4-6

10/30 Empire Gardens 8-10