Michaelz Media, QV Live Streaming and Ross Management and Productions have joined forces to bring the Joey Covington Tribute Concert to a Worldwide venue.

The recent announcement of the Joey Covington Tribute Concert put the three media companies into planning overtime. The Tribute event comes after the death of Joey Covington on June 4 of this year in a car accident. Covington was instrumental in founding the rock group Hot Tuna and was also the drummer for the band Jefferson Airplane.
The initial Tribute Concert planned for August 31, 2013 is the production of David Ross of Ross Management and Productions in conjunction with ATM Productions. According to Ross many people have come together to make this a special event. “Alvin Taylor & The Joey Covington All Star Band, Peter Albin & Sam Andrews Original Members of Big Brother & The Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin, The Gypsy Express, Ukulele Ray, The Roni Lee Band Featuring Lynn Sorenesen from Bad Company, California, Sara Groban, Shirley Evaro, Calista Carradine, Janelle Sadler, Janette Turner, Bishopric Robert Taylor and Jai (Gospel) and many famous celebrity musicians and guests.”
The Joey Covington Tribute Concert will be held at The Hood Pizza Bar in Palm Desert with tickets priced at only $20.00 but limited to only 300 tickets. This is where Michaelz Media and QV Live Streaming have brought streaming technology to a worldwide venue and opened the doors to the world. On August 31st, anyone with $6.00 and an internet connection will be able to enjoy the live music of the Joey Covington Tribute Concert via a live stream.
According to Brian Michaelz from Michaelz Media, “Log onto www.covingtontribute.michaelzmedia.com and enjoy reading about the life of Joey Covington and then on August 31st, for only $6.00 you can watch a live audio, video stream of the Joey Covington Tribute Concert in Palm Desert, California, it doesn’t get much better than that. David Ross and all of the musicians have come together to make this a very special tribute and I am blessed to be a part of it”.
QV Live Streaming and its founder Megers Frierson Sr. have stepped up to the plate with their streaming technology to collaborate with Michaelz Media and Ross Management and Productions. Providing the world with an opportunity to attend such a special event is what continues to gain QV Live Streaming its reputation as the leader in live multimedia streaming services.
According to Producer David Ross there is one main reason for this event, “To celebrate the life of a great drummer, percussionist, producer and our friend, Joey Covington.” Ross adds, “25% of the proceeds go to The Well in the Desert who feed the poor and needy in the Coachella Valley-Palm Springs Area and a portion of proceeds also go to Lauren Taines (Joey’s widow) for funeral expenses”.
The Joey Covington Tribute Concert is being sponsored by The Hood Pizza Bar, Ross Management and Productions, The Musicians Outlet, Alvin Taylor Music Productions, and Studio Instrument Rentals.
For more information on the Joey Covington Tribute Concert please contact David Ross, Ross Management and Productions at (760) 766-6733, email David DrossManagement@aol.com or visit the Joey Covington Tribute Concert Website at www.covingtontribute.michaelzmedia.com
To live stream your next event please contact Brian Michaelz and Michaelz Media (888) 363-6874, info@michaelzmedia.com for more information.