This week we will discuss joint pain. Many of us have it, and I have been changing my diet in an effort to resolve my pesky joint aches that flare up once in a while.
The most noticeable change I had was when I cut way back on sugar, including foods that turn into sugar once you digest them. My discomfort reduced by 50% in a month! This is without any supplements for my joints.
I eliminated fruits, wheat products, corn, soy, potatoes, rice and any kind of sugar including honey, raw sugar, and agave nectar. The reason why sugars can contribute to joint pain is because they are inflammatory. That means they cause irritation. Sugar floods the body with insulin and stress hormones. The blood supply can become inundated with it and it can inflict stress and pain on the body’s organs and joints.
Sugar used to be an occasional treat, but now they add it to everything. Just check out the ingredients and you’ll find it in more things than you can imagine. Especially high fructose corn syrup, which is even more harmful than sugar! I even found it in a local store’s premade meatloaf!
Nightshade vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, hot peppers, sweet potatoes, paprika and ingredients in some hot sauces, are thought to increase inflammation because they contain an alkaloid called solanine that can build up calcium deposits in tissues.
Dairy and wheat products can be very irritating to the system as well, especially if you have a food sensitivity or allergy. Many do, and don’t even know it. Just try eliminating them and see if you feel better! Raw goat milk may be a better option to cow milk.
So, you may ask what foods are good for joint pain. Well cherries for one. They are packed with antioxidants and are low on the glycemic index.What else? Olive oil, salmon, dark green veggies, like kale, broccoli, leafy greens in salads etc, grass fed beef, turmeric, blueberries, ginger, green tea, and my favorite, garlic!! That’s because they all have nice anti-inflammatory properties to reduce joint pain. Ginger and garlic can also help lower blood sugar, which can contribute to joint pain.
So just have some ginger salmon , green tea, (with stevia or xylitol), a big salad with garlic dressing, and blueberries for dessert! Do this 3 times a week and you will also be adding to your overall health. Just for kicks, I add a little turmeric to my recipes, like meat loaf or home made mayo. It is really good!
If any of our readers are interested in some recipes, or other subjects to be covered, please contact me and I will tackle them in upcoming articles.