By Eric The Red

I’ve decided that this week, I’d change up my format a little bit. Most weeks, I write my articles by trying to give a little bit of background on the band and then some interesting interview answers to spice things up. This week, I had the honor of interviewing the singer for a band that wrote the first ska song I can actually remember; Jon Pebsworth of Buck-O-Nine. I remember hearing “My Town,” as I was driving home down I-5 in San Diego and thinking to myself, “what is this intoxicating mixture of sounds coming from the stereo?” In honor of this tremendous occasion, I’ve decided that this week’s article will be in the question and answer style, so you get to see each question and answer, instead of just the quotes.

Eric The Red: It’s been 7 years since the band’s last album.  Any chance for a new album in the near future?

Jon Pebsworth: I hope so, yes.  We have been talking about it a lot lately.  We still love doing this, so I’m sure we’ll do another album at some point!

ETR: If you could play your dream show, who else would be playing and where?

JP: There might be a couple I would just hit rewind and re-play!  We’ve had some amazing moments that I’ll never forget.  I hope I enjoyed them in the moment as much as I do in my memories.  Life check list: Dream show – Check.

ETR: How do you feel about the state of ska today?

JP: I think ska music will live forever without any doubt.  It has been popping up all over the world at different times and with different approaches since the 60’s.  Where is it today?  As far as new bands?  There are some cool new bands out there.  I hope to hear great things from them in the years to come.

ETR: Do you feel like there will ever be a 4th Wave of Ska?

JP: Yes, in some form or another, for sure will happen.  It is a true art form and there will always be new people, young and old, creating ska tunes in some form.

ETR: What is your advice to anyone wanting to start a band?

JP: Have fun with it, love it, live it, hate it, kill it, love it again!

ETR: What does the band do aside from making music? Any side projects?

JP: We all work and have families.  Some side projects, yes.  Nothing crazy or worth mentioning.

ETR: Are there any final notes or words of wisdom you’d like to add?

JP: No real wisdom… I just know that we always did what we thought was right and sounded the best to us.  It’s a struggle and a fight around every corner, so you gotta have guts to keep it alive!

Make sure to catch Jon and Buck-O-Nine at The Hood Bar & Pizza. They will be performing with Spankshaft and Machin’. Doors open at 8:00pm, $10 cover at the door, 21+ only.