By Michelle Ann Rizzio

Joy of Life Wellness is a sweet family owned dispensary off of N Indian Canyon and Oasis Rd right before San Rafael. Mother and daughter team, Joy and Sara Meredith, have been operating their dispensary through the changes in the cannabis industry from medical to recreational and their team still maintains the compassion from the medical Prop 215 that most shops miss in the new recreational Prop 64 landscape.

Walking into the family shop is much like being welcomed home, a security guard opens the door for you and greets you. The waiting area has soft chairs, plants, crystals, and a television playing education. Behind the glass window sits familiar faces from Palm Springs landmark Crystal Fantasy ready to check you in.

Once you are checked in you are called back to the dispensary showroom where the rest of the family waits to educate, recommend brands, and hook you up with your new favorite product. Joy of Life Wellness offers regular weekly in store events featuring their brand partners where a representative from a brand visits the shop and offers education and deals. The host a variety of flower, vapes, edibles, sauces, and their prices range from inexpensive quality options to more curated experiences with higher end options. I caught up with Sara and Joy of Joy of Life Wellness for an interview, read on to check it out.


CVW: What was your inspiration to enter the cannabis industry?
Meredith: “We wanted to help people through the healing properties of cannabis. We also wanted to be the first local family owned & operated cannabis dispensary in the Coachella valley.”

CVW: What has the most inspiring customer feedback been?
Meredith: “When a customer/patient with a chronic illness, physical or mental comes back because the products we sold them helped them feel better.”

CVW: What can customers expect when they visit your dispensary? 
Meredith: “We Pride ourselves in our excellent customer service with a very knowledgeable staff and a great selection.”

CVW: What are your favorite brands?
Meredith: “ Henry’s Original, Cru/High Garden, Papa & Barkley, Raw Garden, Heavy Hitters, and Kanha Treats.”

CVW: What does the future look like for Joy of Life?
Meredith: “The future looks very bright! We are fully licensed and have several other cannabis projects in the works, right here in the heart of this beautiful city of Palm Springs.”

CVW: Will Joy of Life be hosting any upcoming in store events?
Meredith: “Yes, join us for flower company Henry’s Original on 1/17/19 from 3-6pm and tincture company Yummi Karma on 1/19/19 from 4:30-6:30pm.”

Check out Joy of Life Wellness at 142 W Oasis Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262