By Denise Ortuno

If you’re looking to add a little healthy juice boost to your diet, Juicy Juicy in Bermuda Dunes has what you need, because juice is good food.

It’s the kind of food that provides an instant jolt of energy, and an all-around feeling of well-being. Ah, the power of healthy food. It is the corner stone behind Juicy Juicy in Bermuda Dunes, owned by the Livreri family, to put forth the highest grade of organic food absent of GMO’s, and loaded with essential vitamins.

Juicy Juicy is conveniently located down the street from my gym, and is a great spot for me to pop into for a post workout boost. The juice bar has a homey feel, reminiscent of someone’s kitchen dinette, complete with checkered table coverings and farm like décor on the walls…it’s cozy and comfortable. The menu is extensive, including Juice Drinks, Smoothies, Bowls, and even awesome Bulletproof Coffee and CBD Oil.


For me, I like to have one of their juice concoctions called Groovy Greens (Parsley, Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Apple Ginger and Carrot). It has a blend that I enjoy with an emphasis on greens, and I must say, after a couple of sips, I can feel the energy from it. Other juice drinks include “On The Defense!” (Garlic, Parsley, Carrot, Apple and Celery), and “Heart & Soul” (Apple, Beet, Cucumber and Radish), just to name a few.

Looking for something you can bite into? Then try one of their Bowls such as the “Pitaya”, “Tropical” or “Acai’ bowl. They also have soothing Smoothies like the “Tye Dye Colada” (organic pineapple, coconut milk, and house made Lava Sauce made with pitaya, strawberry and acai) or a Green smoothie such as the “Sunshine” (spinach, kale, orange, pineapple, banana and agave with coconut and almond milk).

Juicy Juicy also carries Bulletproof Coffee, which is a must for coffee lovers! This isn’t your average cup of Jo. Nope, this coffee is made with high end coffee, MCT oil (Medium-chain triglycerides) and grass fed organic butter. It has a full bodied robust flavor, and because of the oil and butter, it provides a healthy fat component. As a bonus, you won’t feel the high/low that regular coffee can give you. Just a nice energy leveler that can last throughout the day.

It is more than apparent that Juicy Juicy cares about their customers, and believes in the properties of healthy eating. From their high grade organic ingredients, to their homey ambience with service to match, they certainly provide a healthy blend that’s good for you.

Juicy Juicy is located at 40-100 Washington St. Bermuda Dunes, Ca 92203

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