By Denise Ortuno

Relax and enjoy a variety of coffee concoctions, and collaborative munchies, in the laid back atmosphere of Just Java in Bermuda Dunes.

It’s the kind of spot that adds well to any neighborhood, where, on any given day (weather permitting) you can observe Just Java patrons enjoying the outside patio that the coffee haven provides. As soon as the desert weather cools in the slightest, coffee lovers are populating the patio with a relaxed demeanor, as if they are all on vacation And whether they really are or not, the vibe at the corner spot will bring out the “just chilling” attitude.

The interior of Just Java is as equally inviting as their outdoor space. With warm wood tones and cozy accents, coupled with the aroma of coffee that wraps your senses like a blanket, it’s definitely somewhere you would like to spend some time in. Their menu at Just Java insures something tasty for everyone, from Caffe Latte’s, Espresso’s, and Cappuccino’s, to their Iced versions, to Frosty Java’s such as Chai Frost, Vanilla Caramel Frosts, to even Fruit Smoothies including Mango Madness and Blueberry Blast, there is bound to be something for you to enjoy.


For me, my go to beverage at Just Java is their Mint Mocha Frost, topped with whipped cream. It has a super chocolatey richness to it, lightened up slightly by cool mint, and of course their whipped cream can make anything taste delicious, and is the first part of the coffee drink that I devour (it never has a chance). Sometimes I enjoy my Mint Mocha on the premises, and sometimes I take advantage of their convenient drive-thru and have it at home.

If you looking for something to go with your java or smoothie, Just Java has many belly pleasing items to choose from, such as Quiches, Fruit Bowls, Muffins and Pastries. If you’re there during lunch hours, try one of their many sandwiches, salads or Daily Specials posted on their standing kitchy chalkboard on the counter.

Just Java opens bright and early at 5:30 am daily for all of you dawn birds out there who need your morning jolt, and into the late afternoon for those of us who like to sleep in just a smidge more.

No matter if you’re stopping by for your morning wake-up cup of java before work, or just relaxing with friends over some croissant and coffee, Just Java will be just right!

Just Java is located at 42-102 Washington Street, Bermuda Dunes CA 92203