By Crystal Harrell

2020 has been a year of tremendous change. Society has faced a period of disillusionment, whether it be towards government, the pandemic, or their own internal unrest. While many are being physically and psychologically affected by unemployment or the uncertain future ahead, more people are finding ways to search within themselves to find peace from the outside world. Katherine Wehler is an Activation and Ascension Guide that also does professional Blueprint Astrology and Human Design Coaching/Classes, in addition to being an Akashic Record Keeper.

The kind of work that Wehler does with her clients has been described as therapy meets life coaching and business coaching meets getting a reading using the modalities she uses. Wehler helps guide her clients in unlocking their true authentic self and highest self -worth as well as life’s purpose through the process.

“The fundamental truth is that when we learn to look at every aspect of our lives as an adventure and exploration versus a chore, and we connect with a higher purpose and higher guidance, life becomes a beautiful and fun co-creation that can be a dream instead of a nightmare. So much of what we are conditioned to believe and think, even within spirituality, goes against our true nature and holds us back. I help clear, heal, and unblock that for and with my clients. It is about helping empower them to truly and deeply love themselves, even the shadows, and learn to love life and build the life they authentically want,” explained Wehler.


Wehler coined the term “soul (re)discovery” in 2016, which means to come back to and remember the soul self. As a young child, Wehler considered herself highly intuitive, however, following a shooting that took place at UC Santa Barbara while she was attending college, she experienced extreme PTSD, anxiety, and depression, which meant that she could no longer put off healing her inner anguish. 

She now offers Activation + Ascension Sessions centered on integrating metaphysical modalities like Astrology and Human Design into everyday life, as opposed to just receiving a reading, in addition to Elevated Moon Ceremonies called Soul + Blueprint Sessions and business coaching for conscious “soulpreneurs.” Wehler has recorded meditations, classes, and a podcast called Soul (Re)Discovery. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wehler has moved all her services online and has begun offering more group sessions and classes.

“My clients range in all ages too, so I’ve helped 20 year-olds start businesses and make moving decisions and transmute anxiety or depression, 50 year-olds heal their inner child and build healthier relationships with their spouse and kids or their sexuality, and late 60 to 70 year-olds retire and be more loving with themselves about their whole life journey. Each day is a miracle, that’s what I love most about what I do. My clients are magical and their soul knows they’re ready for these changes so they happen almost instantly. They also inspire me so much and help me in my own soul’s growth. I had one client who in our first session 20 minutes in, told me she got more out of that 20 minutes than six years in therapy. I obviously cried a river for her, but also because I thought back to my younger self wishing how much I’d had a guide like me to speed up the process,” said Wehler.

Wehler is also a personal fashion stylist at Anthropologie and a professionally trained actor and singer, recently playing Blanche Dubois in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire.  To those skeptical of her work, Wehler encourages those to try it, as it is accessible to everyone. The practice is also based in real neuroscience, physics, and studies that scientists are now researching and exploring.

“I want people to know that they too are capable of anything my clients or I have done. We all started this journey back to the soul self from a place of feeling broken and lost and anything but sparkly and whole. Now that’s all completely transformed. I love every aspect of my life and am only growing more daily and can say that with full honesty and confidence. There was once a time when I was ready to end my life and I’m really glad I didn’t because I’ve helped change a lot of lives since and now those people are helping change lives. If you want to change and improve the world, begin with yourself. Tap into that infinite source of love where you are no longer hiding from who you really are and what you really want and quite literally your life and all the lives around you will change,” stated Wehler.

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