By Aimee Mosco

“Love of self has been misinterpreted as a function of ego for far too long. The truth is, authentic self-love evolves from honest appreciation, not from the domain of ego which rests on fear and untruth.” Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness by Aimee Mosco and Donald Ferguson, pg. 79

Have you ever studied your face in the mirror? What happens when you do this? You probably notice what you consider to be flaws as you look closely. This is a human practice but it is not your true spiritual nature to dwell on, or focus attention on imperfections.

We have been trained to believe that self-appreciation is egotistical and that it is acceptable, even honorable, to identify our deficiencies. While there is benefit in pinpointing elements of yourself to better, there is little benefit to you or anyone else to get caught in a loop of self-deprecating mind chatter. It is very difficult to honor your qualities worthy of appreciation if you are in the habit of seeking out your flaws.  

The true and honest appreciation you feel for yourself is like a key that opens doors in front of you. Those doors open you to developing the ability to love others with greater depth and less judgment, to having greater confidence in yourself and to shining your brightest light in this world.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and notice your beautiful smile that lights up a room, or your eyes that convey compassion, you will be choosing to initiate a different journey going forward than if you notice first that you have bags under your eyes or a big nose. While these observations may seem insignificant, they are not. The observations that guide you toward true love of self will elevate the subtle energies of your energy field and the other observations will have the opposite effect.

When your energy is vibrating high, you are influencing all of the energy around you in a favorable way. Therefore, every thought you have and every emotion you produce affects the quality of the energy you are emitting. The energy you emanate is powerful. Your energy is of great value to those around you. You are of great value to humanity.

If you have trouble transitioning into a practice that has you identify your glory as a first measure, start small. Pick one attribute that you appreciate about yourself and focus on that each day. Express gratitude to yourself for this attribute. Then let the repetition of the practice open you to connecting in a more expansive way with your true light. 

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