By Mike Bennett

Road trippin1

Hwy 243 10 miles north of Idyllwind

This week’s road trip turned into an unexpected hunt for Bigfoot. Lake Fulmor picnic area is a great spot to fish, hike or like the sign says, have a picnic. They will be stocking this lake with fresh trout this week, so if you’re an angler bring your poles and bobbers. Take the 10 west to Hwy 243 from Banning towards Idyllwild.


This curvy highway is exciting and the scenery is gorgeous. When you see the Bigfoot crossing sign, pull over and park in the parking area on the right. Yes Bigfoot crossing ! Does Bigfoot live at Lake Fulmor? Well, I didn’t find him, but maybe you can. Maybe he lives along one of the many hiking trails around the lake. You may not see a Sasquatch on the fishing dock or the main trail that goes around the entire lake. But there is a lot of wilderness to explore, so keep your eyes open.

For more information type Lake Fulmor into your browser.

Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.

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