By Patte Purcell

CV Weekly sponsored Slim Man King of the Springs show and Slim Man Birthday Party was joined by BB Ingle’s 30th Annual “Classy- Par-tee”. This event is always held on the Saturday Night of the Humana Golf Tournament. Over 500 people attended.
Everyone was blown away by the gorgeous setting and venue in the Pavilion. What more is there to say!

People were pulling up in limos and were dressed to the nines. There was non-stop entertainment and dancing that continued up to 2 am inside as the party goers traversed the 2 parties. BB Ingle has a 30 year track record of throwing the biggest and best parties in the desert. His Halloween party drew 10,000 people last year.

Slim Man fans were out in force celebrating Slim Man’s birthday. The King of the Springs show, the only original music show in the desert features Slim Man and his band from LA who are all celebrity musicians in their own right. There were people that came from as far away as Baltimore, San Diego and Orange County in to celebrate and dance to the hits of Slim Man.
CV Weekly Publisher Tracy Dietlin and Phil Lacombe were there as well. The place was packed!

Jim Bendis of Crater Lake Vodka and Gin sponsor of the Slim Man show attended both events.
Wilson Creek Winery and champagnes (another sponsor) were served as well. Kim Galland of Kimbals (women’s clothing in Palm Springs) was also there with informal modeling.
According to one table of guests, VUE is “the new hotspot” on Saturday nights. He commented on this kind of entertainment is so needed in the desert. This first class show runs from 9 pm until midnight every Saturday. An additional night is in the works and will be announced shortly.


If you haven’t been to VUE, the drinks are huge and prepared with special touches by the ‘Mixmaster’ Javiar Santana. The bar menu is delicious and reasonably priced. My new favorite is the fish tacos, Yum!

BB Ingle party goers enjoyed the Slim Man show as well. Special thanks to BB Ingle for the fantastic promotions he brings to desert party goers.

VUE is located at 44500 Indian Wells Lane. You can reserve a table for the show by calling 760-834-3800 and telling them you want a reservation for the Slim Man show. It starts at 9 and there is a big dance floor to dance and romance every Saturday night!


Tracy Dietlin, (CV Weekly) BB Ingle, and Phil Lacombe

Patte Purcell and Jim Bendis of Crater Lake

Patte Purcell, Promoter and Slim Man

Happy party goers
Slim Man blowing out the candles.