By Sunny Simon

You know the idiom, getting the rug pulled out from under you, right? It means you’ve suddenly been knocked off balance by an event you did not see coming. You lose your job, your boyfriend called it quits or your business partner wants to go off on his own. How do you rebound from something that was never suppose to happen?

My answer: learn to pivot. Accurate footwork is the foundation of the game of basketball. In that sport, a player keeps one foot anchored to the ground and makes a move without being penalized. Applying this skill to life will help you regroup.

The key premise begins with being anchored and grounded. Let’s examine the first calamity.  Your employer’s sales are plummeting, consequently heads are rolling. Due to no fault of your own, your job is eliminated. You loved working for XYZ Company and now it’s over. We can define this as a heartbreaking misfortune; however it need not be a major catastrophe if you accept this change and hold your ground.

Will this new development take you out of your comfort zone? Most probably it will, but it’s time to pivot. Remain grounded by seeking the moral and emotional support of close friends, ask trusted colleagues for advice. Remind yourself that you are an asset with a variety of marketable skills and then pivot by beginning to move in a new direction. Pivot right by revising your resume, pivot left by networking with your contacts, and pivot 180 degrees by brushing up on some rusty skills. Get the picture?

Perhaps your boyfriend delivers the “time to call it a day” speech. Of course this an emotional blow, but there must be some upside to the breakup. Were you spending so much time with Mr. Wrong you ignored some important relationships? Pivot right by regrouping with friends who care, pivot left by rejoining that Zumba class you loved.

While you are dealing with change and creating survival action items, it helps to fast forward. Visualize the end goal. You have so much to offer and eventually you will find Mr. Right. Spend some time defining the important characteristics you look for in a partner. When you re-enter the dating scene, don’t settle for less.

A finally note about pivoting, a successful game is established by keeping one foot firmly on the ground while exploring your options. When you are properly positioned, you can move in the right direction and score the win.

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching. More about Sunny at