By Elizabeth Scarcella

In our last video article, (you can find it right here…, Aimee illustrates a story about her long term undiagnosed illness…and how this was a wakeup call, beckoning her, to step into what would be discovered as extraordinary healing abilities.

She finally began to listen to the inner calling to dig deeper into self-discovery as a means to feel better, more whole and personally fulfilled. For most, including Aimee and me, this prompt often comes as a result of discomfort, tragedy, illness or some other unforeseen calamity that ushers us in the direction of Awakening and honoring what is most important to us. When we experience this discomfort, whether it be physical or emotional pain, we begin to open to the urgings of our inner voice and seek guidance. We naturally search for our “teachers” and feel drawn to those who have already created what we are looking to heal.

Aimee shared about the mentoring she received from a naturopath doctor who guided her in exploring her new abilities. In these interactions, Aimee realized something VERY unique and different from what most of us believe about adversity. While identifying upcoming, however, not yet materialized misfortune, Aimee believes that we have the power to change our circumstances before they even occur. This may seem far-fetched…yet, aren’t we taught to think positive and pray for a good outcome, when we are concerned about something in our life going awry? Aimee shows us that we have much more ability than we think we do to alter our outcomes all by the power of our mind and connection to our Higher Self. To get a deeper understanding of this concept, please watch our latest video….


As we continue to explore in future articles and videos, you will come to learn, a secondary benefit of Awakening is the opportunity to connect with and become part of a supportive community, something bigger than ourselves. To that end…

  • Our hope is that these stories continue to inspire you to connect more deeply with your own inner voice, whether or not you have experienced discomfort, tragedy or illness, in the ways that we have. What matters is that we create an experience of belonging for you, connection with those that can relate, and who are also committed to Evolving and Awakening.
  • Our intent is to demonstrate HOW to create an Awakened, Happy, Purpose-Driven life, like we have created for ourselves. We will share a philosophy that supports happiness through the authentic application of gratitude, forgiveness and love by reading excerpts from Aimee’s books… beginning with book #1 in the multi-part series. We will be discussing the concepts of the book and guide you with exercises designed to assist you in creating a life of your dreams. To achieve a richer experience, you can purchase Aimee’s book by visiting…

We very much look forward to serving our commUNITY as you chose to awaken and Evolve through Love.

Elizabeth Scarcella, Brand + Good Will Ambassador, Therapist, Wellness & Beauty Aficionado, is dedicated to helping others discover Wellness in all aspects of life.  Elizabeth can help you awaken to your best self yet. For more information, find her at

Aimee Mosco is an author, Certified Reiki Master, and Co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s passion for helping others, inspired the collaborative project and global healing movement, IHS Unity. For more information, find Aimee at