Do this, do that, Be here, go there, Wear this hat, wear that hat. Juggle work and family. Do you ever feel like running away or screaming at the top of your lungs? It is fine to say, yes. You are human. Our lives are busy and likely filled with stress. With so much tugging and pulling you may have lost your motivation for many facets in your life. You are not alone. Remaining motivated can be a challenge. Especially if you feel your life is routine. Or, you feel as though your life is spinning out of control. Staying or getting organized will help you stay motivated. If you have lost your motivation… you may ask yourself, how do I get it back?

As each one of us can attest, negative thoughts can venture into our minds and create stress and anxiety resulting in a lack of motivation. The top three reasons we lose motivation is a lack of confidence, focus, or direction. You must believe in yourself to succeed. Otherwise, what is the point in trying? Figure out what you desire. If you do not possess desires you will immediately lose focus. You must have direction. If you do not know where you are going, how can you reach your destination?

Often when we lose our confidence we lose our entire focus. Negative thoughts rush through our minds. Negativity creates weakness in the mind and in our spirit as a whole. Possibly you are focusing to heavily on something you want and neglecting what you already have obtained. To vacate a negative thought pattern, focus on gratitude. Take time to focus on all that is positive in your life. Think of your strengths rather than dwelling on your weaknesses. Once you realize what you possess you can build upon your successes. This alone can improve your motivation.

Stay focused. A lack of focus is a motivation killer. Develop a concrete goal. Stay confident and do not succumb to negativity. Set a positive goal and expel all fear of not succeeding. Your brain will instantly devise a plan. Once the plan is concrete you can stop worrying about your future and do something about it. When you know what you want, you become motivated to take action.

A lack of direction can also kill the deal. You must know where you are going. Map out your day-to-day tactics. Focus on how you will arrive at your destination. You may need to keep a journal, write on sticky notes, use a voice recorder, or document your journey. Whatever facilitates keeping you on track… just do it!

Once your motivation begins to wane, you must take action. Inevitably each one of us will have our moments. We will have bad luck, low energy, and occasional failure. Remember… You can and will beat the odds. You have all the ingredients within you to stay motivated.

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