By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

DESIGN: Effortless and comfortable. Feels as natural as wearing my normal glasses. After a few hours, I had completely forgotten that I was wearing them. The only thing I didn’t like is that IF I wear my hair down, it covers the glass, and sometimes covers the camera lens and ruins photos, especially if it’s windy. So have a rubber band ready ladies! As far as frames, you can go lens free, or choose from an assortment of regular, polarized, and PRESCRIPTION!!! lenses, in either clear or shaded.

SEEING through your GG, takes a little adjustment. In no way does it take a huge eye strain to see the screen. You slightly look up and right. The funniest thing is people getting IN YOUR FACE, and asking you, “WHAT DO YOU SEE!? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?!?”

As far as colors, the only one I feel unappealing, is the Sky Blue. I don’t know why. I have yet to see it on someone that didn’t make it look Douchy…I am sort-of in LOVE with the Tangerine. White is classy looking. Black is almost hipster, saying “I chose black Google Glass, because I don’t see the need to draw attention that I am wearing them…” YEAH FREAKING RIGHT! Shale is great on men. Chic, mildly distinct color, with a hint of cybertron…

APPLICATIONS: Your battery life is around 5 hours, that’s IF you are using it a crazy amount. The charger has a higher voltage output, so it charges really easy. FYI, do not plug your iPhone into that charger! In the beginning, there was not much appeal to GG, besides social media applications. Now, the GG has taken on a major role in your daily life and health habits, like recommending places to eat when it thinks you are hungry, based on eating patterns you establish. The same goes for sleep patterns and common or recent places visited. Updates post monthly and are heavily reliant on user information from the GG forums, which only explorers have access to. Every time there is a NEW update, you are entitled to it for free, which includes any physical design changes that might happen from the time you join until its official launch. There is an assortment of games already on GG, which really help you get accustomed to using, and interacting with your new device. Games like Clay Shooter (skeet FPS), Shape Cutter (fruit ninja essentially) memory, and others that blend gaming mechanics into your real surroundings.

SOUNDS: If you are not using the ear piece, which comes with GG, sounds of notifications, and calls are sent through your GG, behind your ear. The sound feels like it’s coming from the center of your head, and causes no ear strain, a huge relief for those prone to migraines, like me.

Social media, of course, has had a huge impact in the use of your GG. Post everything and anything using GG, from YouTube to Facebook and any other SM you are a part of. Phone calls, texts and pings are also sent through GG. The DIFFERENCE: you no longer need to grab your phone to see them. No more looking down at a screen, hunting for your phone in your purse, or having to put it back afterwards. Needless to say, we have all encountered that moment when we are not sure of what you are looking for in a store, and the employee has no idea in HELL, what you are talking about? GG can help. Ask google, find the answer in seconds, and continue on with life.

$1500.00 is a lot to ask for a product not even fully developed. But essentially, you are not only paying for the product as is, you are also helping develop the final GG. It’s more like paying to develop them and receiving a free pair, which I see as a more of an investment, than a purchase.