By Elizabeth Scarcella

Sometimes our true Life’s purpose strikes when we least expect it. That is exactly how it happened for Aimee Mosco, Co-Founder of IHS Unity, a community based movement designed to unite and heal us globally through teachings from her two books she has written and developed. A transplant from New Hampshire, Aimee has lived and worked in California since the late 80’s. She, like so many others, knew deep inside that it was her right, her duty, to utilize her License to Live Large…and to help others do so as well.

LTLL: What caused you to create IHS Unity?

Aimee: I created IHS Unity from the intent to contribute to the greater good of humanity. I have always been able to see what I call the “divinity” in people. We all have goodness in us but don’t always know where to channel that energy. IHS Unity represents a virtual gathering place where people actively share their divinity energy and bring this world to a higher ground.


LTLL: What were you doing prior to writing books, training practitioners on your healing systems and leading community events?

Aimee: I was a fashion designer! I worked as a designer for a high-end leather manufacturer in Los Angeles and then went on to start an over-seas handbag manufacturing company. It was a very exciting career with travel around the world, but I often felt as if a critical piece was missing from my puzzle. I felt as if I wasn’t fulfilling some agreement that my soul had made without my awareness. I believe that was my soul prompting me to use my creative talents in ways that would make more of a difference in the world.

LTLL: My column is intended to encourage others to Live Large…in other words, live a life of their choosing…how do you promote peace and happiness to your students and clients?

Aimee: I live by the words I teach. Our first book is about gratitude, forgiveness and love (“Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness”). These 3 things, especially when used in combination are a recipe for absolute harmony and peace in this world.

LTLL: What have you ultimately learned when others do not want to adopt your Unity paradigm?

Aimee: The hardest lesson I have learned is that I can’t take responsibility for others. We are all only in charge of ourselves, and while we can help and guide others, it is not our job to take the pain of others away or carry them to the finish line.

LTLL: Finally, what is one tip that you desire to impart…to encourage others to Live Large?

Aimee: Showing kindness and sending love to humankind is the biggest gift that every one of us can do. In fact, I offer love to all living creatures, not just people. Love is a resource that is without limits and heals a multitude of problems.

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Aimee Mosco, Co-Founder and Author, leads a global movement in erasing the lines of division for all humanity. To purchase her book and to sign up to be a part of this movement, visit her at

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