by Mike Livingston; Host, The Clubhouse Radio Show
Most people, even the hardest core of golf fans have to think for a moment before conjuring up an image of Charlie Beljan. However, that didn’t preclude Beljan from posting one of the more memorable victories on Tour in the last several years this past weekend, because he almost died doing it!…..That’s right, Died!
In most cases, we think of sports like football, auto racing or some of the others as “the dangerous sports” yet it was a golf course that lent to what was “almost” one of the most unbelievable and horrific sports stories we might have seen. It ended-up being something just short of amazing, especially if you would have seen Beljan walking down the fairways of the Children’s Miracle Network Classic (formerly The Disney Classic) on Sunday, on his way to victory. You have never understood what had played out just twenty-four hours earlier.
In looking to keep his PGA Tour playing card for 2013, Beljan was in that unenviable position of being “on the bubble” in terms of having not officially solidified that 125-spot and an exemption into next year’s exempt class. That said, like so many others working so hard in the last Fall events trying to grab those final spots, the stress level involved with these last opportunities are not unlike working in America today and knowing that your performance could or could not mean food for your family moving forward into the winter….albeit on a different kind of a stage.
Before teeing off Friday morning, Charlie Beljan told his caddie he really wasn’t feeling well at all and that he needed medical attention. The PGA Tour was notified and continued to follow Beljan around the course throughout the front-side of his round, stopping to issue him medical attention at the turn. Stopping his round would have meant disqualification and although feeling terribly, beljan was -5 through his first nine holes and playing very well……he continued to play the back nine on Friday however told his caddy twice that he “felt like he was going to die”. He had an accelerated heart rate, hives and hi pulse had been racing when administered first aid at the turn. That said, Beljan played the back nine to -3, finishing his round at -8 and LEADING the event!
Nothing an overnight in the hospital couldn’t cure as he was administered fluids throughout “a very rough night” before returning to the course and the tournament in time to win and secure a very large check and his Tour card for 2013…… who says golfers aren’t tough? Probably lots of people but nonetheless, having put his life on the line (literally), let’s see if Charlie Beljan becomes a household name moving forward…..what a story.
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