Radhika owner of Whisking Up Love, a minority-owned, woman-owned business, is a self-taught, creative baker of sweet treats in the Coachella Valley.

Radhika, a recent college graduate, realized a full time job wasn’t enough to pay off her student loans, so she turned to her passion, baking sweet treats.

But how was Radhika going to turn her passion into a lucrative business?  Where should she begin? What to do first? Radhika discovered the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, who helped her with her initial business setup.  But, even with their assistance, Radhika wondered if she would be successful working evenings and weekends, Whisking Up Love was born and then Covid struck.  Radhika pivoted and began to think outside the box…the cookie box, that is.  She realized that everyone loves cookies such as chocolate chip, birthday cake and would you believe, her own creation, Stuff’d Up cookies?

“I had no idea what a Stuff’d Up Pretzel Caramel Delight cookie was or would taste like but, I took a chance on Whisking Up Love’s and now these are my all-time favorite.” – Hal Rose, Customer            


Due to the pandemic Radhika decided to create an online business and began creating a website and advertising through social media; Instagram @whiskinguplove and Facebook Whisking Up Love.

Whisking Up Love is taking the valley by storm, bite by bite, with its amazingly delicious and unique cookies and other sweet treats. Growing the business to include hiring local employees and giving back to her community and becoming a nationally known brand is Radhika’s dream.

According to Radhika, “What brings me joy is to offer homemade cookies that contain ‘love so real you can taste it’!”

As I like to tell everyone I meet, “Life is short, eat more cookies!”