With support from Coachella Valley health food stores & health conscious individuals who were seeking a raw, gluten free, dairy free meal replacement bar, TRUElicious was born.

On her never ending quest for the best superfoods on the planet , Michelle Steadman’s idea for a start-up company was born out of frustration and a need to provide the best nutrients in an “on-the-go” bar that might possibly be the healthiest meal of the day.

“I’m always creating new raw concoctions in our kitchen,” states Michelle. “One day my best friend came over and shared with me a bar recipe and taught me how to make it. I tweaked the recipe for several months to get it just perfect for my family. I never intended to create a business from this, just to supply my family with the best super foods while on the go.”

The bar is comprised of fully raw, organic, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan superfoods that tastes like a rich chocolate brownie. It’s loaded with 20 superfood ingredients such as maca, coconut, acai berries, goji berries, cacao, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds and more!


As a Pilates instructor, she would take a quick bite of her bar in between clients to sustain her energy. Soon her clients wanted a piece of the bar and fell instantly in love with it. They started placing orders and encouraged her to approach local health food stores to carry her bars.

“Once Harvest Health was excited to carry my bars, others followed suit almost immediately. Ever since Fresh Juice Bar opened their doors in April, the place has always been packed with health conscious people and they have continually increased their orders,” Steadman boasts.


Their demand increased as more locations began carrying their bars which led to upgrading their kitchen equipment in order to produce more bars and keep up with the orders from stores and the website.


“I get a little giddy when I hear that a location has sold out or when I’m tagged in a Facebook post when people say they can’t get enough or they finally found a bar that didn’t taste like cardboard. I think this fills a need that people have longed for,” states Michelle. Some fans have even said her bars are the next “Brandini Toffee”.


Now a family business, where Michelle’s husband, Kevin makes the bars, son Logan helps with packaging, Mom Sharon assists with marketing while Michelle develops business relationships, handles distribution and makes personal appearances & in-store tastings. Proud Mom, Sharon brags “each bar is hand-made with love.”

Michelle’s ideology states “We believe that health comes from what we eat. Everything we put on and in our bodies either gives us health or creates disease. “


Because Michelle feels blessed to have this opportunity to create something so wholesome, she has plans to give back to health-conscious organizations and people. Michelle’s husband Kevin, a regular surfer who makes day trips to the coast, discovered an organization that helped Autistic kids surf – Surfers Healing. A small way for them to give back was to donate bars to the families who came out to surf with their kids and they plan to continue to support that organization as well as others.


TRUElicious is a company founded by Michelle Steadman in her home kitchen under California’s Cottage law, implemented on January 1, 2013. TRUElicious bars are available at several locations throughout the Coachella Valley that support local merchants. Visit TRUElicious.com for locations or call 760-413-3106.

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