As you know, life can throw us curves without notice. This Christmas, for reasons beyond control, I found myself alone Christmas Eve and Christmas day/night. Whether home or at the fire station, this was not my “norm.”

Cold wet and windy, and with most places closed, I went to one of my favorite places in the Coachella Valley – The Edge Steakhouse at the Ritz Carlton. 

Throughout the Ritz there were people, lights, music, Christmas decorations, positive and loving atmosphere with smiles, all with a welcoming comfort. No one was a stranger.

Never let down, the staff at the Edge was there to greet me like family…

Upon arrival at Valet, Mark is one of the kindest and classiest to welcome you and your arrival. 

Next, there’s Ginger with her pretty smile who always greets and accommodates.

Up comes Damion the General Manager, who treats you like family, always welcoming you with his usual handshake and a hug. 

Christmas, looking brighter already, and feeling right at home, Robert and Tony behind the bar immediately provided their usual first class (and beyond) service while genuinely interested in ‘what your up to in life.’

Both nights, were filled with great food, wine and first class service from all the Ritz Carlton employees. 

To all of you at the Ritz Carlton, Christmas or not, thank you for the great service and warm hospitality year round. You’re a class act!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

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