By Haddon Libby

The public disclosures of sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein have led to daily disclosures against a variety of men in power positions who have misused their positions for their own deviant wants and desires.

As a reminder, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of raping at least three women and harassing dozens of others.  While Weinstein denies the rape accusations, he has publicly apologies for decades of inappropriate conduct.  As a result of the allegations, Weinstein has been fired from the company that he founded and been expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

In case you are uncertain as to what constitutes sexual harassment, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that it is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for a sexual favor and/or any physical or verbal action of a sexual nature.  The EEOC reminds us that offensive remarks do not have to be sexual to be considered sexual harassment.  As an example, derogatory remarks about women, to a woman, is also harassment.


Weinstein is not the only male in Hollywood who has abused his power positons:

Amazon Studios chief, Roy Price, resigned under duress after numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct while heading up their studio.  He has apologized for his behavior although this did not dissuade his fiancée, Lila Feinberg, from calling off their November wedding.

Actor Kevin Spacey has been accused of harassment and misconduct with at least one minor.  Spacey has been fired from all projects that he was working on including “House of Cards”. The movie “All the Money in the World” is reshooting all scenes that Spacey appeared in yet somehow this film is still set for release on December 22nd.  Through spokespersons, Spacey has stated that he is reflecting on his behavior and considering treatment options.

Louis C.K. Székely has admitted to lewd sexual acts in front of at least five women and apologized.  As a result, every project that he was working on has been cancelled with most of his previous work pulled from the air.

Chris Savino, director and writer of numerous children’s television shows and movies has been accused of harassment by approximately 12 women.  As a result, he has apologized for his actions and been fired from his current project, “The Loud House”.

Actor and comedian Andy Dick was also accused of sexual harassment and groping on a film that he was recently working on.  As a result, he was fired from the project.  Dick denies the groping but admits to kissing someone on the cheek and licking them.  He did not apologize.

Not all misconduct happens in Hollywood.  Looking at the media, Charlie Rose joins disgraced Fox newscasters like Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling and the late Roger Ailes as well as executives at MSNBC, Vox Media, ArtForum, CBS and E! with a variety of allegations related to inappropriate conduct.  Michael Oreskes, head of the news department at National Public Radio and former editor of the New York Times resigned from his job after three women made allegations of sexual harassment.  Hamilton Fish, the President and publisher of the New Republic resigned from his post for the harassment of many women at work.

Let’s not forget business or politicians.  For example, Jeff Hoover, speaker of the house in Kentucky, has resigned from his leadership position following claims of harassment, including sexual text messages.  Hoover maintains that his behavior was consensual but has apologized if he misunderstood.

The simple takeaway is that sexual comments or behavior in the work place has no place.  Non!.  Don’t do it and tell those who are doing it to knock it off or they can become our local poster child like any of the offensive men mentioned in this article.

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