Welcome to Madison Street Produce. If you’re looking for the freshest produce, then look no further! With over 50 years in the business, it doesn’t get any better than this.

It all started with Joe Manion. As a boy, he worked at his neighbor’s farm in Fullerton, CA growing corn. In the years to follow, Joe operated fruit stands all over the Orange County region before moving to Northern California to grow starter strawberry plants to sell to farms.

Years later he moved to Indio. You see, Joe had an idea. He had heard that no one thought strawberries could be grown in the valley. With his experience, he knew it could be done and done well. In 1992, his son Brett joined the business and they have been growing and selling their own fresh picked assorted produce (including strawberries) ever since.

In 2000 the Manion opened the Madison Street Produce stand and have watched it become one of the best unkept secrets of the Coachella Valley! Many supermarkets claim to have fresh produce, but would never dare to say “fresh picked daily”…yet, that is WHAT THEY DO!


Open daily 9-5

Located at HWY 111 and Madison

Stop by, say hello and get a little taste of heaven.

For more information visit

Remember practice social distancing, wear masks and stay safe.

Think fruit and veggies and enjoy the taste!

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