Linford and Villegas “wow” the guests a The Wine Bar in “Dueling Guitars II”


If you want to see something very unique, stop by The Wine Bar, 78-015 Main Street in La Quinta on Saturday, April 21 at 7 p.m. for “Dueling Guitars II” featuring two very accomplished musicians, Mark Linford and Sergio Villegas.

Manager Mike Stith said, “We had them last month for ‘Dueling Guitars I’, it was incredible.” They performed for almost 4 hours with only one break. According to a few people there, they said it was like watching a private jam session between two guitarists.


Both Linford and Villegas, although knowing each other for years, never played as a duo before. However, their music flowed with such grace, it seemed as though they had been rehearsing the songs for many years, and yet, it was the first time they ever played together in such a setting. They were in complete and total sync, as though they were looking at each other through a mirror, without even knowing, they were doing that, until they saw all the photos that were taken.

Multi-instrumentalist Sergio Villegas grew up in his hometown of Santiago, Chile, listening to both the traditional sounds of South America and European Classical music. He began playing the accordion at the age of six and then went on to guitar after he broke his arm. His parents exposed him to Classical music, which he loved, especially the Johann Strauss Waltzes.

At the age of 13, he traveled all over Chile with a group called Kunza. He could pick up an instrument and play it. He has recorded with many famous musicians all over the world including the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Quincy Jones.

He still does a lot of recording, having played on over 50 CDs, and travels with his wife Shirley Evaro, to various parts of the country. They are currently in Reno, Nevada performing at the Sienna Hotel and Casino.

Mark Linford was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He started playing Classical music on the viola when he was 8 years old. “Making the switch to guitar didn’t make my mother very happy,” said Linford, “but at the time, it was the thing to do. I can play all fretted instruments.” And he does with ease.

Linford can also pick up any stringed instrument and play it. He has many original compositions, a few od which can be heard on his web-site. He earned his bachelor’s degree as a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to the Desert for the climate.

He was born with 4 different kinds of arthritis, which, many may not know, and remembers being on crutches as a child many times. However, despite his physical ailments, he has become an incredible musician and believes it is so important for children to learn music.

The Mark Linford Guitar School is located in Musicians Outlet in Palm Desert. He still performs at various events, but loves private teaching. “Gary Ponder, a drummer friend of mine from LA said to me, what more can you ask for than to hang out with people all day who are excited about music and be able to share your knowledge with them.”

This interview barely touches the depth of Linford’s and Villegas’ background and talent. One thing is for sure, when you stop by The Wine Bar that night, you will not only be in awe, you can ask them to play “Stairway To Heaven,” and they can.

They can be reached by e-mail at and

The Wine Bar is located at 78015 Main St., Suite 109, LaQuinta. 760-564-2201



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