by Cara Pellegrino

With the recent onslaught of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Coachella Valley, it only makes sense that more smoke shops appear out of thin, or cloudy, air. But one smoke shop stands out from the rest, and it really isn’t a smoke shop at all. Mayhem is nestled on Williams Road in Palm Springs, right in the heart of “weed row” and might be considered more of a glass gallery or boutique of sorts than a head shop.

Upon entering the store, patrons are greeted with a warm smile from the friendly staff and sparkling smoking utensils of all kinds. The store carries only high quality American made glass from renowned companies and artists such as Sheldon Black, RooR, Empire, Molecule Glass, Medicali, Silika, Rated R Glass, Blue Lily Studios, Starfish Designs, Nick Ashman and many more.

Mayhem caters to everyone from first timers to the most proficient customer. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly help you find a piece that fits your smoking, dabbing or vaporizing needs. They carry everything from simple glass pipes that can easily fit in a pocket to complex and intricate pieces that seem more fitting for an art gallery. They have an array of concentrate utensils, including glass and titanium nails, as well as endless conversion and attachment options. They can convert any size down stem to fit any size dome or bowl piece for your very own custom “build-a-bowl”.


I found the endless options for conversion kits most intriguing. During my visit, Josh was kind enough to demonstrate how a simple water pipe (aka bong) can be turned into a complex percolating rig with just a few simple additions. This store is a perfect display of how modern technology changes everything, even the way we consume our alternative medicine, or… um… I mean tobacco.

Although the City of Palm Springs clearly allows Medical Marijuana (MMJ) the sign on the counter boldly states the products for sale in the store are intended for tobacco use only. And never once did I hear the words marijuana, pot or weed muttered. Instead the employees and patrons discussed the use of pipes, bubblers, vaporizers and whatnot for “flowers” and “oils”.

Currently Mayhem is offering a grand opening special of 15% off all glass in the store and 25% off all the popular Sheldon Black showcase. They are the only shop in the entire Coachella Valley to carry Sheldon Black. They also offer a variety of reasonably priced accessories such as grinders, papers, wraps, urine test kits for those pesky “deadlines”, as well as scales to make sure your collective didn’t short you on your meds. Need a gift? The gorgeous necklaces by Christian Merlin are works of art worthy of praise from a loved one.

I left Mayhem shocked by two things: the impressive selection of beautiful pieces and the fact that we cannot openly discuss the medication for which most people use these artful tools. How can a physician recommend a patient use medical marijuana and yet it be illegal to discuss the best method of consumption when purchasing what many consider to be a medical device? Why is the law such that only tobacco use can be discussed when it’s a well- known fact that tobacco kills? While the staff at Mayhem may not be the ones to answer those questions, they certainly are able to teach us about the tools we need to achieve higher thought.

Mayhem is located at 574 Williams Road, off Ramon near Gene Autry, in Palm Springs. They are open from 9-7 Monday-Saturday and closed Sunday. Stop by to check them out for yourself or give them a call at 760-440-8222.