By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

Everything has been wrapped, presented, exchanged, unwrapped, opened and in some cases broken. If you are anything like me, then you asked for at least a few gift cards, to save your grandma the stress of trying to learn what an HD PVR is, and now it’s time to cash those babies in. Being the over-planning, ever-precise, thrifty gamer that I am, I have mapped out the best gaming steals of the Dec 26th shopping adventure.

While deals are great, steals are better. If you have an awesome smart phone, like the Galaxy S4 I snagged on black friday, you are going to want these apps. CartWheel for Target. Pick out the discount that YOU want, and they scan a custom barcode from your phone. Amazon, is not only amazing by itself, but places like Target, and Best Buy, both price match Amazon’s non clearance items. And last but not least, GameStop’s Powerup Rewards App.

Xbox One- Games worth getting: BF4, Forza, and Deadrising 3. What to return: Killer Instinct and sports titles. WHY? Because the market is about to become over saturated with used copies that will be $15 cheaper. Additional controller is a must, as well as a charging station and rechargeable batteries.

PS4- For the love of every higher power ever created in gaming, do NOT open Knack. Please see earlier review. Not to mention, there are already a grip of used copies. Grab Killzone Shadow Fall and BF4. Both are amazing, and grasp the new power of the PS4’s touchpad, and vita cross play.

Speaking of Vita, let’s talk about THOSE steals. Buy 2 get 1 free on used games is back at Gamestop. Tearaway dropped to only $20 new and Nerf Armor cases, which are usually about $15, are on clearance at Target for $7, and I highly recommend them. Screen protectors are on clearance at Best Buy, as well as a few rad accessories, like bundles and travel bags.

XB360/PS3 – be STOKED! Amazing titles are all under $20 since the release of next gen consoles. Mortal Kombat, LBP Karting, BF4, CoD: Ghosts, and Batman to name a few. Gamestop also dropped the price of their wireless stereo headsets for both consoles at least $20 as well!

And that’s it. The 2013 Holiday Redemption List. I hope your Holidays is filled with as much gaming as you can get, and as much food as you can handle! Merry Christmas!