By Bronwyn Ison

In-home and online fitness options have always been available to us. With the temporary closure of boutique health and fitness studios and potentially gyms, online fitness options are more attractive than ever.  Since there are a plethora of options online, there are no excuses of why your exercise routine should subside. In fact, this is the perfect time to test your capabilities of pure discipline and diligence of an at-home regular fitness/yoga routine.

Fortunately, more than two years ago I launched my yoga classes online.  With the help of my community over the years, I created the platform with you in mind.  Remember, any form of exercise is a stress reliever.  During these times of uncertainty you can remain in shape, decrease stress, improve your at-home yoga/fitness routine and give your newfound discipline a go. I’ve heard from students that they may not have the same kind of discipline from home as they do in a studio or gym.  More so than ever, this is the time to debunk these thoughts and fears.  I understand that seeing your friends and meeting new people, somewhat holds you accountable. Here are a few suggestions to keep you motivated.  Select what kind oof fitness your enjoy and get to exercising from home.

  1. Choose your modalities. Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Strength Training, etc.
  2. Connect and engage with your online coach.
  3. Have the entire family join the online class.
  4. Do multiple classes back to back.
  5. Set up a designated space in your house. (Don’t have the space? Make a mini gym to include utilizing the great outdoors.)
  6. Designate a time. (Make a consistent appointment for improved health.)
  7. Do the class with a healthy buddy.
  8. Remain patient. You can do this!

Please join me online for yoga.  My current subscribers love the online classes, more than 50+ classes to enjoy! Use Promo Code: EVOVLE2020 to receive the first week FREE and 10% off the first 3 months, averaging $10 per month. 

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Please contact me for your health and wellness needs, Your wellness remains a priority for me and my community.

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