By Denise Ortuno

                With a variety of delicious Mexican dishes, you’ll find more than just tacos, at Taco Gonzalez in Indio.

Taco Gonzalez is a tiny little spot off of Hwy 111 and Jefferson in Indio, and has been satisfying Mexican food lovers for over ten years. The eatery has a quaint dining area, offering dine in or take out options. My boyfriend and I stopped by there for lunch on a busy Monday afternoon. The place was bustling with locals and noticeable tourists alike, who had either heard of it through word of mouth, or stumbled upon it from its visible Hwy 111 location.

                I heard about Taco Gonzalez via Facebook, as one of my friends had posted about how good their Enchiladas were, and of course I had to check it out. The menu at Taco Gonzalez has traditional Mexican faves, including, Burritos such as the Gonzalez Burrito California (carne asada, fries, cheese and sour cream) and the Chipotle Burrito (al pastor, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and chipotle sauce) among others. They also have Torta’s, Quesadilla’s, Nacho’s, Menudo (Sat & Sun) and of course Taco’s, with your choice of  Al Pastor (marinated pork), Cabeza (beef head) Carne Asada, Pollo Asada, or Chorizo, all at $1.99 each. Tacos de Tripa, Carnitas and Lengua are also offered at $2.39.  


                On my visit, I was all about the Enchiladas (choice of carne asada, chicken or al pastor), and chose mine to have chicken. The Enchiladas come topped with a lots of cheese, a tangy tomatillo sauce, and a dollop of sour cream, with a side of rice and beans. We also ordered an Al Pastor taco, and chips and salsa which are $1.50, and come generously with three different kinds of salsa (mild, green and hot), radishes and lime.

                The Enchiladas came out hot and cheesy. The two tortilla bundles were packed with chicken, and there was gooey cheese with every bite. The smooth refried beans, and fluffy savory rice made for excellent accompaniments to the dish. The Al Pastor taco was loaded with flavor, producing audible yums. It all was very satisfying!

                Taco Gonzalez is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (catering is also available) and has their food extremely well priced. It’s a great place to stop by for some tasty tacos, or one of their many other delicious Mexican dishes.

Taco Gonzalez is located at 80-120 Hwy 111 Suite 1, Indio 92201