By Bronwyn Ison

Lingering in your past can potentially be harmful to your future. Reminiscing can bring back fabulous memories but we can also allow poor past experiences hold us in bondage. By all means, I love to recall positive experiences. However, it is quite common to reflect on poor past experiences because of the way it made us feel. We were hurt and we care not to feel this way ever again. Plus, when we share our pains with another we can often relate to their hurt too. We’ve all been there and I am sure you can relate. Here are a few suggestions on how to progress versus regress.

Keep in mind there is a difference between thinking in the past and living in the past. We can think and tell stories of our past but living there could be detrimental. Especially, if the past you are living in is negative. When one continues to think or live in the past you are losing sight of the present and your future. You cannot do anything about what already happened. It occurred, you live or work through the experience, and you must move forward.

Time is one of greatest commodities; once your time is occupied, you cannot retain or go back to unwind time. I’ve heard that if a possession reminds you of a negative past then you should remove the item(s). If that is something that assists in your moving forward, then by all means get rid of what may be keeping you in bondage. Sometimes a good clearing of tangible items can help one move forward so they are not constantly reminded of their past.

Forgiveness is one of the hardest acts for another person to achieve. I can assure you that holding a grudge will deplete your energy. When you hold on to animosity, you are allowing the other person to continue to have control over you. Now, wouldn’t that be a shame? Remember, you are in control of you. Giving another person permission will wreak havoc on your soul. Reclaim your fame to being YOU!

Live in the present moment. This may sound cliche but it’s accurate. Consider the next time you are at an event that you stow your camera away. Instead of taking a photograph, be in the present, make a memory for yourself. We are often rushed from routine and mundane activities that we neglect being in the now. Take a moment or more each day to notice the present moment.

Dare to do something different. Surprise yourself and move out of your daily routine. Try something new. You may recognize that you like your new adventures. New experiences create new memories and may help you move forward rather than living in the past.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.