As we come up to a year anniversary of Prop 64 taking effect in California, causing a temporary Weed Apocalypse, a new frontier is on the horizon for the 1 year old industry.


Yes, we have touched upon these fabulous organic compounds that produce aromatic oils in prior articles but what lies ahead in the next year deserves more than just touches. In the weeks ahead leading up to our Cannabis New Year, be sure to check out the Cannabis Corner to learn more about individual terpenes. Today we will be exploring Myrcene!

Myrcene is a strong smelling terpene with a green, astringent, and resinous nose. I like to describe it as the smell of ripe fruit. It is widely used throughout the perfume industry and is also found in hops, chamomile, and lemongrass. Mangos also contain high levels of myrcene! It is the most abundant terpene found in cannabis. Besides its telling odor, myrcene is also anti-inflammatory, and can be sedative and relaxing. Myrcene has been studied against tumors and cancer and has actually been found to have a protective effect against cell damage which can prevent cancers from growing.

Throughout dispensaries in California, one will often hear that myrcene has a fascinating reaction with the cannabinoid THC. Myrcene, coupled with THC, will enhance and extend the life of your experience from cannabis. For some folks, they may find that myrcene increases the amount of anti-inflammation benefits from a smoking session. For others suffering from nerve pain, myrcene will create a state of calm sedation for the individual. This state of calm can also assist folks who suffer from insomnia and poor sleep patterns as well.+

Myrcene also heightens the punch your THC percentage may have. For instance, if you are utilizing a strain that is 14% THC but it has high levels of myrcene present, the 14% THC may be experienced as closer to 20% THC. Myrcene not only impacts the THC levels impact but also helps with the absorption of THC in the endocannabinoid system.

In conclusion, myrcene is a fabulous little terpene that can assist the user by providing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, antispasmodic, and sleep benefits. Starting in July, all cannabis products in the dispensaries are required to have terpenes tested so be sure to ask your cannabis consultant or budtender about myrcene next time you visit.