Hello Coachella Valley!

Did you notice the title of this column has changed? What was once, License to Live Large, is now, Awaken with Lizzy B. It’s important to explain that this is not just a change in titles. This new transition serves as a space, a collective, where we can all come together to learn how to WAKE UP from our dull and boring lives. Even if just one part of your life is lackluster, that affects your entire life. Have you noticed? The mission of Awaken with Lizzy B is to share moving stories and lessons of how others have developed insight in their lives, overcame adversity and, consequently, created a life of deep purpose and joy.

Are you wondering why I created this change? After hearing from many readers, I came to the realization, a couple weeks ago, that instead of reading interviews about how people have great lives now…what we really want is a road map on HOW to create this great life! My intention is to guide you, inspire you and champion you into awakening into your greatness….whatever that means to you. You can look forward to many interviews with those that are on the journey right now…and learn from them as well.

As always, if you have a story to share of triumph, awakening or getting your groove back, please email me at info@gogetyoung.tv for an opportunity to be featured in this column. Thank you, Coachella Valley for allowing me to walk this Awakened journey with you!


Elizabeth Scarcella, Founder of Go Get Young and co-owner of Rx2Fitness, is dedicated to helping others find health in all aspects of life. A lifestyle counselor and wellness expert, Elizabeth can help you reclaim your best self. For more information, find her at info@ gogetyoung.tv