I guess you could say I grew up in the “technology era”, every year a new console or game came out. When I was 5, I would steal my older sisters Gameboy, and play Mario Bros. under my bed until my sister caught me. After enough games of hide and hope the batteries aren’t dead (which I learned was the only reason she would leave it out) my parents FINALLY bought me my own, red Gameboy, with Pokémon Red, and my own case, and an 8 pack of batteries!
        It was all gaming, all the time after that. I got the awesome Duck Hunt, and a Sega Genesis, with Sonic (Duh) and Beast Wars, Fighting games galore, and every console after that. My house became the weekend rumble pit, where all of my friends would come over and duke it out on my mega 20″ tv, complete with grilled cheeses and apple juice!
When I was 16, my older sister introduced me to a group called “The Frag Dolls”. “Dude, this is SOOOO you! You little nerd,” said my sister, as she turned the screen of our HUGE computer monitor towards me. My first reaction was “WWWHHHAAATTTT!!!” My dream came true before my very eyes. I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t a freak, I was a girl gamer! It became my mission to excel at gaming, marketing, and everything I could do to stand out, and prove that female gamers exist, and are something to fear.
        I am not sure if it was the gaming, the social weekends, or the fact that I was a total ugly duckling when I was in my teens, but I became the social butterfly of the gaming world. Midnight launches, conventions, events, and competitions became holidays to me, and I still look forward to San Diego Comic-Con more than my own birthday! There is always something magical, about being consumed into a world otherwise just a computer screen. Cosplayers bring characters to life, game developers spend countless hours, and money, to create the environments you have fallen in love with in their game, and did I mention the LOOT! Everywhere you turn, someone has something AWESOME and exclusive, for your over- sized, and just as epic swag bag. My favorite part HAS to be the shopping, and camaraderie of fellow attendees. Everyone has a story, a passion, or an experience to share, and learn from. Strategies, and gamer tags are traded like Pokémon cards, which are also literally being traded. No one is shunned, or judged. There are no fights, no cliques, no segregation. It’s just where I belonged.
Today, I use my passion for gaming and socializing for more than just bragging rights. I host community game nights for amazing fundraisers like Autism Speaks, Cancer, Shelter from the storm, and local organizations that help at-risk teens.
I also help organize midnight launches for local Game Stops, including live music, epic prizes from affiliates, sponsors, and local donors, like food and free gear for raffle prizes! I also attend and volunteer at as many major conventions and events across the country that I can and vlog with as many developers, gamers, cosplayers, and anyone else interesting, to get the latest in pop culture, gaming, technology, and entertainment! I have recently decided to step into the Esport league. I am a General in the clan Enforcer-Gaming, and play in locally organized, and nationally ranked matches including, MLG.
        When I am not diving into the world of gaming, I split my time between my cupcake business, Viciously Delicious Cupcakes, my Etsy store, where I sell all of my awesome geeky creations and recipes, to help fund my crazy shenanigans, And my husband. Being married to another gamer has its awesome Co-Op advantages, but the stakes could never be higher. We are a team, on and off the screen.
            My life is an ever changing adventure, and I want to include the world in it! Every chapter of my upcoming gaming adventures will be shared in this CV Weekly column.