By Curtis Hendricks

Hope Academy cordially invites the Coachella Valley residents to come to the Palm Desert Hope Academy Charter Ribbon Cutting on November 19, beginning at 12:00 pm. The event will be held at Hope Academy Charter, 47535 Highway 74 in Palm Desert, which is located near the intersection of Haystack and HWY 74 in Palm Desert. “This event will give the public a chance to come see what our school and program does for the children of the Coachella Valley. We strive to go beyond the normal classroom teachings with enriching lessons and project based assignments. Our teachers can connect the lessons to our students more directly because we try to stay away from the lecture based teachings. We can do this because we are based as an independent study program. Everyone is invited to come and see our beautiful school, meet our teaching staff, and learn more about our advantages over the traditional school setting,” shared Ericka Steele, lead teacher at Hope Academy Charter Palm Desert.

Events, such as ribbon cutting ceremonies are a great way for a new school to give their name and ideas out to the community. I hope everyone can make this event and help support and welcome this new school. Another ribbon cutting ceremony is taking place on Friday, November 15, at Rancho Mirage High School (RMHS). School families and valley community, please show your support and make it out to RMHS’s ribbon cutting ceremony. RMHS is another new and beautiful school bringing great new potential to our children.

Parents, please mark Monday, November 11, as a no school day for Veteran’s Day. All public schools in our valley will be observing National Veteran’s Day and will not be open for school. Take this opportunity to spend some scholastic time with your children and research with them what Veteran’s Day is about, when it started, and why we as a nation observe the day. I would also suggest allowing your child to talk to a veteran in an interview fashion. A lot can be learned on days off from school. Keep your kids’ minds thinking and their curiosity strong.