Featuring Opening Bands, Waxy and Big Pig. THIS SATURDAY, October 25th @ The Hood Bar & Pizza, Palm Desert

By Lisa Morgan

It would seem the gods of opportunity and favor are shining down on one of our desert’s own rock and roll sons, Nick Oliveri. The world renowned artist who grew up right here on our own desert soil, is perhaps known as much for his epic collaborations with some of today’s rock and roll legends in the making, as he is for his self-destructive behaviors that nearly resulted in him losing it all. “I’m not in denial,” he shared with me. “I felt like a loser, the guy who had everything and lost everything. I lost that because of my screw ups. I admit it.”
This kind of brutal and fearless, face off with the truth could be the reason that Nick Oliveri is currently standing on the precipice of career redemption and restoration, not to mention some of his best music to date. Today, October 21st, as I type, Oliveri is in route to a rehearsal in Los Angeles with his estranged band, Queens of the Stone Age, in preparation for a one time reunion. Last night, Oliveri shared with me over text, “Rehearsals tomorrow! Nervous. Good nerves!”

Oliveri’s profoundly humble attitude is reflected in his powerful new music, most significantly in his song “Robot Man”. The song on his soon to be released, sophomore solo album, Nick Oliveri’s Uncontrollable – Leave Me Alone, is about his 2011 arrest following a confrontation with a S.W.A.T. team. “I wrote that song for them (his arresting S.W.A.T. team) and I want them to hear it. They were all very nice to me, in that situation, and were actually worried about my well-being. They didn’t have to be.”

The epic reunion, ten years in the making, will take place at the sold out Forum in Los Angeles, October 31st. Oliveri’s band, Uncontrollable, will open along with The Kills and JD McPherson. The hand-picked players Nick has chosen to join him include two local desert musicians: Drummer, Jeff Bowman (Unsound, The Agents, Mighty Jack), and guitar phenom, Mike Pygmie (You Know Who, Waxy, The Agents, The Whizards, featured guitarist on Oliveri’s album). When asked if this was the biggest show of their lifetime, drummer Jeff Bowman answered, “Yes, for sure. This is my and Mike’s biggest show ever, and Nick’s biggest show in many years. On the scale of epic, it’s a 9…10 would be actually headlining the show!”

Guitarist, Stephen Hass from Austin, Texas will fly in this week. He’s been writing and playing music with Jeff Pinkus (Honky, Butthole Surfers, Melvins) and playing in the country/rock band Pure Luck. He and Guy Heller (aka Dickey Moist) started writing music together. Haas shared, “I would play Mickey Moist’s parts for Moistboyz Travis County shows, and that’s when me and Nick met, about 6-7 years ago. He used to fly in for SXSW, and we’d do about 5-7 shows together a year doing Moistboyz music. I’m so stoked to be playing with my bro Nick!”

This Saturday, October 25th, the full band of Uncontrollable will be making their first ever, public debut, performing for their hometown audience at The Hood Bar and Pizza. Per drummer, Jeff Bowman, “We will be performing QOTSA songs so Nick can ‘practice’ for his encore reunion set with Queens, and we’re going to close our own set at the Forum with Kyuss’ “Green Machine”, which should go off!”

Opening acts Waxy, just coming off their Australian tour with John Garcia, and Big Pig, the new, promising project of Dino Lalli, son of desert rock godfather, Mario Lalli, will set the stage perfectly. This show is history in the making, and for any professed lover of desert rock, this is one show that cannot be missed. As Jack Kohler, member of Waxy and the one making this show happen at The Hood says, “We love these kinds of shows, because it’s a full night of showcasing desert rock at our hometown stadium.”

Experience this monstrous collection of live local talent dead set and on track to become an international collective treasure for only $5 at the door. Doors open at 8 pm. This show is 21 and over only.

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