story and pictures by Mike Bennett

Oak Glen is a great destination for families, singles and lovers. It seems like it’s always apple
pickin’ season there. A great road trip if you want to get out of the scorching heat that has come so

There are 2 ways to get to the mountain town of Oak Glen, take 10 west to Beaumont avenue
and go right or get off on Oak Glen road in Yucaipa and go right.

You can keep going on either and you’ll come out on the other. Follow me? Either way
this “scenic loop” is filled with California poppies and so much greenery. Of course there are apple trees
and little ranch shops with that bit of country charm.

When you see Apple Annie’s and the little western looking town, you are where it all starts. The
candy store is the same as it was when I was a kid and brings back that same feeling. The toy store too.


Grab a ticket and some quarters for animal feed and hit the little zoo. (it’s a must) They just had
baby goats and I got to hold one! Peacocks, deer, llamas and other unique animals live here and you can
feed them if you didn’t forget your quarters.

Then there’s the trout fishing pond. Oh boy these big rainbows look tasty and they are. I took
one home last time. Yes you can feed them too; if you have quarters.

After the zoo you’ll want to hit Mountain Town. They have quite a collection of old school
museum animals, live lizards, snakes and birds and something new, Giant Rabbits! It’s worth the 3 bucks.

Remember the apples, apple cider, apple soda, apple butter, carmel apples etc., etc ….

For more information and directions punch up

Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.

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