By Janet McAfee

COULD A SEVERELY INJURED LEG STOP OBI WAN FROM RUNNING TOWARD A NEW LIFE?  THANKS TO YOU THE ANSWER IS “NO”.  Was he hit by a car?  Was he abused and then discarded?  Did someone drop him off by the roadside because they could not afford vet care?  We will never know his past, but the “FORCE” was with him once Loving All Animals came to the rescue.  Obi tells his amazing story:

“I laid by the side of the road on a cold winter night, shivering and terrified, trying to drag my body from the path of oncoming cars.  My right front leg would not move, and the searing pain spread from my neck to my paw.  It was December 24, Christmas Eve.

“Finally, a pair of headlights stopped in front of me.  A woman walked towards me, and I heard her make a phone call about me.  Soon a nice woman in a uniform arrived and gently placed me in her truck.  She told me I was safe.  We drove to a building where a woman in a white coat met us.  She gave me some medicine to relieve the pain and did some tests.  The people there nicknamed me “Wags” because I constantly wagged my tail to thank them.  They said I had Radial Nerve Injury which could heal on its own, but if it did not heal I would lose my leg. 

“The next day I went to the Desert Hot Springs Animal Care Center shelter. The people there named me “Obi Wan” after the legendary Jedi Master in Star Wars.  My new name made feel important, and I understood I was destined to help other homeless animals.   

“There were other dogs at the shelter, and I watched some of them happily leave when their humans came for them.  When the days passed and my family never came, I lost hope and hung my head in sadness.

“One day a volunteer with Loving All Animals came to get me.  I liked the name of that group!  She drove me to meet Jan Cooksley who was my foster Mom.  My first night there, Jan slept on the floor with me so I wouldn’t feel so alone.  Jan’s wonderful home was so much better than being in a kennel.  My leg was wrapped, but I loved going for short walks with Jan and Andre.

“I went to visit a man in a white coat at Desert Dunes Animal Hospital.  He looked grim when he said my leg would have to be amputated.  I returned for the surgery, and I wagged my tail to tell everyone that it would be okay.  I understood that good things would come after this hardship.  But I didn’t like the plastic thing they put around my neck, and they ignored me when I promised not to bite my stitches.  Thankfully Loving All Animals paid my vet bill.  Soon I walked so well that I forgot about my missing leg until one of Jan’s friends called me a ‘Tripod’.

“One day in February, Jan and I went for a car ride.  I worried when I saw Jan had tears in her eyes.  We drove to Loving All Animals, and Connie Carter was there to greet me.  I met Connie once before at Loving All Animals; she told Tracy she wanted to adopt me no matter what happened with my leg.  I suddenly realized Connie was now my “furever” Mom.

“Connie’s two other dogs were jealous when I arrived, but now Peanut, Mona, and I have fun playing.  I run almost as fast as they do.  I live joyfully in the moment surrounded by my toys, my wonderful sibling pups, and lots of love from Connie.  I have a zest for life that comes from surviving tough times.   

“Like the legendary Jedi Master, I feel gifted in the ways of the Force. I hope people will consider adopting a “special needs” dog when they see how much fun I have.  I hope more homeless animals get the wonderful foster care and vet care that Loving All Animals provided me.  I hope more humans receive the gifts of comfort and joy that come from having a ‘second chance’ animal in their home.  My heart swells with love and gratitude for the animal heroes who were part of my journey, including the generous people who donate to and support Loving All Animals.”

(You can donate to Loving All Animals through their website or mail a check to Loving All Animals, 83496 Avenue 51, Coachella, CA 92236).


Below is a partial list of shelters and rescues in the Inland Empire with animals for adoption. Many of these shelters remain closed for walk-ins, and you must call for an appointment.  You can view most of their animals online in advance of calling.   

COACHELLA VALLEY ANIMAL CAMPUS – This county shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt.  You can view the animals at all 4 Riverside county shelters at, and get the ID number of the animal you want to meet. Email them with the animal’s ID number at and call (760) 343-3644. Located at 72050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms. (Public)

PALM SPRINGS ANIMAL SHELTER – The shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt.  They schedule appointments Wednesday through Monday, closed on Tuesday.  View their animals online at, 4575 E. Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs, (760) 416-5718. (Public) 

ANIMAL SAMARITANS – The shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt.  View their animals at  Email to foster.  Located at 72307 Ramon Rd, Thousand Palms, (760) 601-3918.  (Private)

CALIFORNIA PAWS RESCUE  – The shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt. Located at 73650 Dinah Shore, Palm Desert.  View their animals at, (760) 656-8833.  (Private)

HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE COACHELLA VALLEY – The shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt a dog or cat.  View their animals at Located at 17825 N. Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, (760) 329-0203.  (Private)

KITTYLAND – The shelter is closed so call for an appointment to adopt a cat.  Located at 67600 18th Avenue, Desert Hot Springs,, (760) 251-2700.  (Private)

FOREVER MEOW – Foster based  rescue for cats located in Rancho Mirage.  Contact them through website, or call (760) 335-6767. (Private)

LOVING ALL ANIMALS – The shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt. Located at 83496 Avenue 51, Coachella,, (760) 834-7000. (Private)

MORONGO BASIN HUMANE SOCIETY – Located at 4646 Sun View Rd, Joshua Tree,, call between 11am-4pm for updates (760) 366-3786 (Private)

CITY OF SAN BERNARDINO ANIMAL SHELTER – Shelter is closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt.  Hours for adoption 10am – 4pm Tuesday thru Sat. Google “City of San Bernardino Animal Shelter” for website to view animals and get the ID number of the animal you want to meet.  Located at 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, (909) 384-1304 or (909) 384-7272. (Public)

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER AT DEVORE – Shelter closed but you can call for an appointment to adopt. Call (909) 386-9280 daily between 9am & 5pm.  View animals at and get the ID number of animal you want to meet. Located at 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino (Public). 

DREAM TEAM ANGELS RESCUE – Foster based rescue located in Grand Terrace/San Bernardino area.  Contact them through website, (360) 688-8884. (Private)