By Angela Romeo

Part mid-century modern, part hippy chick tempered with flower child and wholly original, Odessa Christiana has created an art lifestyle.

“I cannot remember a time where I was not creating something and trying it sell it,” smiled Odessa. “I have always had this passion for art and fashion and of course, glamour!” Like many artists, Odessa began her career working for someone else. “Working did not take care of the creative little girl inside me. I wasn’t totally happy. That stirring spirit was always there telling me I could be so much more. One day I heeded the siren’s call. I continued working as I put myself through art school. I focused on fashion.”

After graduation, Odessa began to follow her own path. “I had been experimenting with silk painting and this became my artistic niche. I developed a unique line of one-of-a-kind clothing featuring painted silk dresses. I am very proud to say, I have created many elegant and outrageous pieces for amazing humans around the globe.” Odessa’s clothing is recognizable by the abstract artwork that is a feature of her clothing. Her dresses have an ethereal feel that is both elegant and effortless. The clothing has no fear of color. Even her T-shirt line carries the distinctive abstract design.


Odessa has been known to co-mingle vintage with her designs. “I call that interactive art’”, continued Odessa. “I mix images of the past with contemporary designs. I use this concept when I do events such as fashion shows. I think it a more engaging way of presenting art and fashion.”

“I continue to expand my artistic vision and my lines.  My art has branched out into interior design, fine art prints and retail merchandise. I consult on a variety of projects including home renovations and boutique hotel decor. I am a creative person and that creative cannot be stopped nor confined.”

“I am involved in another project, The Seed Genie. With James Hume, we combine art and design to seeds! We offer over 350 varieties of non-GMO seeds. We create custom seed packets to help business promote their service and events. In turn we hope the seeds will encourage others to consider the value in growing their own plants.”

Still not satisfied with all she does, Odessa volunteers for many causes. “I donate my work to causes that speak to me. I also teach silk painting to children who are part of the Childhelp Program. I call it ‘Childhelp Couture.’”

“There is always a new project and an old idea that needs an Odessa touch,” laughed Odessa. “James and I are launching a brand new business in Palm Springs this fall. It’s called Mod Maids, a high-end housekeeping company. Trust me, you will see our artistic flair in our advertising, vans and uniforms I never thought I would be excited about owning a cleaning company. At least until James and I put our own twist on the traditional!”

What is most striking about Odessa is her ability to use her art and passion to encourage others. “My cloths may make someone feel very special. When has a positive outlook, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. When I share my work with charities or with children, it is a way to give back and to let others see what can be done.” It is positive energy that exudes from her.

“In building my dreams I found that I love to help others achieve the best version of themselves as well. It’s magical to see people succeed,” said Odessa.

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