By Michelle Ann Rizzio

Have distillate cartridges been disappointing you? Are you finding yourself bored with only being able to vape oils on the go? Do you miss the full flavor of flower and the effect of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes stimulating your endocannabinoid system? Enter the Omura.

This handheld dry herb vaporizer allows customers to vape prepackaged compostable dry herb cartridges for a 3 minute session. Each session goes through a heatwave of 120 degrees to 400 degrees, allowing the users to have the opportunity to experience not just the release of THC but also the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. The battery lasts for 7 sessions, so it is perfect as you travel throughout your day. In my experience with the Series 1 unit, it is very similar to having a volcano vaporizer on the go. Cartridges come in packs of 12, weighing out to 1.5g per pack and .125g per cartridge. These cartridges are prepacked with the strain specific flower you purchase, and are compatible with Omura devices.


As a cannabis vapor enthusiast, learning about this product had me intrigued. I currently have a Da Vinci Ascent that I splurged on 2 years ago and absolutely have enjoyed the device. Except for cleaning it! In comparison to the Da Vinci, I found that the Omura device allows me to have even more discreet sessions through its compact, light, and simple design. Not to mention the cartridges can be easily composted with no clean up required (yes!). The battery, which retails at $100, utilizes a proprietary vaporizing technique referred to as “heat not burn”. This insures that the device does exactly that and does not combust the prepackaged flower. Compared to other whole flower vaporizers on the market, the Omura boasts a very reasonable price point for its device.

Emphasizing environmental concerns, the Omura cartridges are indeed biodegradable and can be composted. This serves a huge factor considering how many non-recyclable cartridges from your vape oil use will be saved from their demise in the landfill. This is serves to solve a major concern for many critics of the current state of packaging in the cannabis industry.

Currently the market offers prefilled cartridges of indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD flower from brands like Cru and Henry’s Original. The Omura can be found currently at The Coughy Shop in Desert Hot Springs. Interested to learn more? Ask your favorite dispensary to carry the Omura.