You did it again and now you are feeling inundated and frustrated. Your heart was screaming “no” but you politely acquiesced. Feeling overcommitted, in what is already a stressful world, will guarantee you living in anguish. Why do we commit when we really do not feel like doing something? This is a bit of a loaded question. If you find yourself accepting assignments, that leave you stressed, it may be time to reevaluate how you are spending your time.

Certainly, I have overcommitted myself more than once. It is never a good feeling to participate in something when your heart really isn’t enjoying the moment. Maintaining a productive and satisfying lifestyle is what I thrive for each day. The many times I have overloaded my plate I’ve often wondered why I accepted to be someplace I knew wouldn’t satisfy my soul. Since my epiphany, I learned to scale back and only schedule myself for what is important. I’ve also reevaluated how I choose to spend my time and with whom. Our time is precious. Nobody can afford to squander their life on activities their heart in consonance with.

Fear of hurting someone’s feelings should not be why you accept an invite. This is exactly the reason you should decline. You are not following your true self nor taking care of you. It may be best to communicate with the person and explain you have so many other responsibilities at the present time. Express your gratitude and share another time would be best. You cannot worry about declining offers simply to satisfy others. You must be mindful to take care of your priorities first. You will avoid feeling boxed in, overwhelmed, run down, or burned-out.


It boils down to you taking control of your schedule. Hence, not allowing others to control you. It also has to do with setting boundaries. It is easy to be enticed by our peers or family. How does it feel in your gut or heart? It may feel you will miss an opportunity. You may miss a true opportunity because you committed to something out of pressure. Make wise choices and evaluate if the experience will be of mutual benefit.

This serves for both personal and professional.

Here are a few helpful ideas that may assist in the future when making decisions.

Take an honest look at your schedule. Be sure you have the appropriate time available. Survey and prioritize. Are you being realistic with your time and current obligations? It’s wise to avoid last-minute commitments. Reserving time “just for you” and “just for family” is vitally as important as anything else.

Align your commitments with your goals. You will be able to maintain or gain greater balance in your life if you remain committed with what serves you best.

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