February is a celebratory month when it comes to love.  We’re approaching Valentine’s Day.  This holiday can bring one a lot of joy or some experience heartache and loneliness. Everywhere we look the red and pink decorations are plentiful.  Instead of a sappy column about love and Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share more about how you can love yourself and attract what you want and need in your life. Yes, I am suggesting you love yourself more than ever the entire month.  If you can make a healthy habit of caring for yourself then you may be able to make this a regular healthy regimen.

In my personal experience, I’ve recognized when I am in a healthy space, the law of attraction works wonders.  Mentally, emotionally and physically I can attract what it is I need for my personal and professional life.  If you have a chip on your shoulder or your verbalizing negativity it’s likely this is what you will attract.  It’s perfectly normal to vent or express your concerns to a friend.  However, be mindful to guard your thoughts and your tongue. 

Everyone experiences some sort of hurt, loss or pain in life.  Consider re-evaluating those painful moments. It may be that you’ve stuffed them down long enough and you’re ready to embrace the pain and work through your junk.  We’ve all got it.  It may be time for you to breathe into the pain.  I mean this literally.  Breathing through our stresses can be very healing.  However, I also mean this figuratively. It may be time to re-open some wounds and deal with the pain.  This can be a very healthy way to open your heart again if you’ve been closed off to others.

Peeling back the layers of the onion isn’t pretty or sexy.  Our initial response is to run the other direction. Remember, this may be what you’ve been doing for years.  Embrace the discomfort and begin to let your heart open and heal.  When you feel uncomfortable, lean into the pain.  This is when the true healing begins.

Ask your heart what it really wants.  Rest, sit quietly and listen. You may hear nothing at first.  It may take numerous attempts to meditate on this thought.  You may not know what you want and this can be normal.  As times progresses it may come to you in a still small voice.  When and if it does… listen carefully and then engage it what you hear and feel is best for you.

Spending time alone may be exactly what your heart needs.  You may need to be solitude to conclude what’s best for you, in your life, at this present time.  Being on your own will set you free of others influences.  In the end, it’s your happiness that’s needs to be satisfied so that you may be your best for others.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga.  Join her in-studio or online for ON DEMAND Yoga classes.  She’s also the Founder of “Better For It Now.” A 7-Principle Program to include yoga and audio meditations.