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By Mike Bennett

It’s amazing how a 2 hour drive can take you from baking in 110° to a cool refreshing 75°. The Orange County Fair is the perfect spot to enjoy it. You only have until August 11th to see the Giant Steer and eat a Giant Maple bacon donut. The Parade of products and Carnival of products are like walking through a guantlet of wanna be Billy Mays’s. One guy even told us he was Vince from Sham wow’s brother. They have everything from lotions, sushi rollers and clothing steamers to neck massagers and gawdy jewelry made of meteorites.
The food is the main attraction for me. I could have had anything from lobster to frog’s legs, but it’s the Krispy Kreme sloppy joe that got me. My son got the most enormous corn dog ever. You’d swear it came off a Clydesdale.
I had never actually seen the hypnotist show before, but I heard all the hype and let me tell you it’s way fun. Amateur trapeze artists and the Chinese acrobats were fun to watch too.
Make sure to bring your wallet, admission is only $11, but there’s lots of goodies for sale inside.
For more info and directions go to:
Drive safe and enjoy the scenery.

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