By Haddon Libby

Most know Patrick Evans for his work as Chief Meteorologist and host of Eye on the Desert on local CBS affiliate, CBS Local 2. Others know him for his active involvement in local charities or his occasional appearances where he sings songs from the Great American Songbook at various local watering holes like Melvyn’s.

Very quickly, people are learning that there is yet another side to this multi-talented personality – Italian sausages.

“I have a love affair with food, particularly the Italian food I grew up with,” says Patrick ‘Evans’ Iachetta while seated at the bar of the old Buddy Greco’s Restaurant (now home to ShareKitchen) – the home of Patrick’s latest endeavor, Fulvio’s Homemade Italian Sausages.


Fulvio’s Homemade Italian Sausage pays homage to Patrick’s father, Fulvio “Tony” Iachetta who passed away last year. Before Fulvio’s passing, Patrick began working with Angela Janus, Executive Director of ShareKitchen at bringing his family’s recipes to market. Made with select cuts of fresh pork and generous portions of fennel seed that are not found in most sausage products on the market today, Fulvio’s began hitting the shelves of local stores and restaurants over the last month.

“Fennel is what sets these Italian sausages apart. The distinctive crunch and anise flavor are what makes these sausages ITALIAN!” proclaims Evans. “We crafted these sausages from the same recipe my grandfather passed down to my dad, who then passed it on to me. Many a Saturday was spent at the family’s kitchen table grinding pork, seasoning the meat properly before the delicate task of stuffing these sausages.”

To Patrick, Fulvio’s Homemade Italian Sausage is more than food – it is a statement of love toward his father and family. “My family brought with them from Italy a rich tradition of great Italian cuisine. That tradition includes hearty, homemade foods with distinctive Southern Italian flavors, spices and techniques.”

Friends have recently begun jokingly calling him, “The Sausage King” as his product is found at numerous local eateries such as the Hard Rock Hotel, Tyler’s, Babe’s, The Slice, D’Carlos, and the Indian Wells Resort Hotel to name a few. In addition to the restaurants that are serving Fulvio’s, The Real Italian Deli, which just opened on San Pablo in Palm Desert sells Fulvio’s sausages from their freezer case, so you can take it home and enjoy it with your family!

A recent hit at The Slice is the Fulvio’s Pizza, with onions and bell peppers. The Slice also serves Fulvio’s in a tradition sausage sandwich with fresh mozzarella and marinara sauce! At “Frank’s Place” at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel, Chef Willie Cabrera is making a delicious pasta dish using Fulvio’s Spicy Sausage in a rich tomato sauce blended with gorgonzola cream. Babe’s BBQ and Brewhouse will feature Fulvio’s in their traditional sausage platter, where you can get the hot or mild varieties.

“I am dedicated to honoring my family and my father by producing the best sausage money can buy. Fulvio Antonio Iachetta, my father, is the inspiration behind the name and the recipes. Fulvio was a devotee of his Italian heritage, proud to serve the finest foods to friends and family,” says Evans.

“I maintain the integrity of our family recipes. They are rich in “Old World” Italian flavors, and offer a distinctive difference from other sausages on the market. Ours are truly authentic, and I know Dad would be proud to serve these sausages!”