By Patte Purcell

I was lucky enough to get to see Paul Taylor at Grooves at the Westin a few weeks ago. We are friends on Facebook but we’d never actually met. I ran into him at check in and what a great guy!

He went on to perform and put on a great show. The crowd loved him. I decided to do a column on Paul as he is one of the ‘A List’ smooth jazz performers in the industry.

Paul Taylor has had 3 chart topping hits in the last few years. His sound is cool and soulful with an urban jazz feel.

An almost ‘trip-hop’ sound as he describes it. He’s released 10 CD’s with his latest one hitting the top ten charts in 2014. His hip look and a charming personality make him one of the favorite artists in the smooth jazz genre.

Paul started into music at the very young age of 7 with his brother. They were a part of a youth band. They organized a band in high school and started playing at clubs when they were underage.

Paul studied classical music and received a full musical scholarship from University of Las Vegas. He moved from Denver to Las Vegas and got his degree in 4 years. While in college he met his wife and they currently reside in Las Vegas today.

He’d been composing and recording songs for over 15 years when his ‘break’ happened when he played Jazztrax in Catalina with Jeff Lorber and Keiko Matsui, who hired him. In 1993 he signed a recording contract with Unity Label Group and then Countdown Records in 1995.

Paul says he is ‘living his dream’ performing and recording and he wants to continue what’s he’s doing.

He’s got a busy schedule this year. He’ll be at Catalina along with Texas, Kansas City (with Euge Groove) and has a busy schedule through Michael Paulo in Hawaii and Maui.

He loves his fans and you can visit him on or friend him on Facebook!


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Patte Purcell
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