PET PSYCHIC, Cherie Vergini will be at Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique Saturday, June 30th 10am-3pm.
Cherie is a gifted, skilled Pet Psychic and Clairvoyant. As a Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator, she uses her psychic gifts and healing talents to counsel pet owners on resolving common behavioral problems such as biting, chewing, separation anxiety, barking, anti-social behavior and more. She also offers advice on practical issues such as nutrition and diet, health concerns, moving, changes in routine, adding another pet to the household and more.
Preparing for a Session:
Cherie urges clients to make a list of questions they’d like answers to from their pet, instead of vague inquiries. A psychic session will yield more and better information when the topic is specific. However, she cautions against anticipating specific answers, since the actual answer may be surprising. She appreciates being told before the session begins about any certain issues to be concentrated on, so she can follow related lines of inquiry that may come up.
Because Cherie’s communication channel is telepathic, it is effective both with living animals and those that have crossed over into the spirit realm.
For more information on how to prepare your pet, as well as what to expect and what not to expect visit Cherie’s website at
PET ADOPTION will also be available during the event through “Loving All Animals”.
While there, you’ll find that at Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique, all their food, spa, bed and blanket products are made in the USA as well as their designer lines of apparel, collars, harnesses and leashes. It is a unique place to find that “something special” for your furbaby!
Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique is located at 73-200 El Paseo, Stuite 3B, Palm Desert, call (760) 341-7297 or visit


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