His heart broken, dreaming of the life he once had, a dog waits.  Pinto once had humans who loved him.  He lived with a happy family, a couple, their 30-year old son Rob, and Rob’s fiancé’.   Pinto especially loved his brother Magnum, a 5-yr-old Huskie, and the two dogs spent endless hours romping together in the sun.  They moved together magically in synchronicity and slept securely side by side at night.  Ariel, a 12-yr-old cat, completed the happy group of animals.  

In 2016, tragedy struck Pinto’s family when Rob suddenly passed away, and the light and joy in the home was gone.  Shortly thereafter, the wife died from what friends described as a broken heart.  The husband carried on, solemnly caring for the animals, but his loss was unfathomable.  In 2018, Pinto’s “dad” died from a heart attack, leaving behind his pets without a plan for where they would go.  The son’s fiancé’, now living in a small apartment in Montana, drove out to fetch the Huskie.  She left her dog behind before, not wanting to break up the bonded brother dogs.  But now her landlord would not permit a second dog, and Pinto was left behind.

Dogs grieve, and Pinto withdrew even further after Magnum left.  Once a lively senior bouncing with joy, he became shy and withdrawn, as though he were waiting for the next loss.  Except there was no one left to loose.  

The couple’s remaining daughter was unable to take Pinto, and the dog’s fate was uncertain.  It seemed Pinto would end up at the county shelter, a place where a dog of his age and size would not fare well.  At this point his spirit was broken, unable to wag his tail to greet faces that might peer at him behind kennel bars.  The odds of Pinto being adopted from a shelter were bleak.

Thankfully animal lover Kristy Bagwell stepped in to help.  Operator of Kristy’s Kritter Sitters, she provided pet sitting care for the three animals when their humans traveled.  Kristy arranged for her nephew to adopt the cat.  Kristy networked to find Pinto a home, but most folks want a puppy or a younger dog.  Pinto is an 8-yr-old Border Collie/Lab mix, 70 pounds of doggie love.

Kristy found a temporary foster home for Pinto, but his time there is now running short.  He plays well with their 5-year-old boy.  Gentle Pinto likes horses and dogs of all sizes, he even loves the family’s goat that shares his backyard space.  He would be a great match for just about any home, except for one with an “Alpha” dog who might intimidate him.

Folks adopting a dog often want a pup to greet them with a wagging tail and happy kisses.  Hopefully, someone will understand Pinto’s initial shyness.  Kristy explains, “When you meet a shy dog, or one who is scared, and then he finally gets to the point where he trusts you, something magical happens for you and that dog.  Pinto is such a good boy.  He needs someone to spend time with him and give him lots of love.”  Dogs are resilient, and they teach us to move forward in life, to march on in spite of tragedy and loss, to live in the moment seeking new experiences.  In the right home, Pinto will become a happy fellow.

The holidays are here, and this sweet boy hopes to have a new family to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.  Pinto resides in Banning, a short 30 minute trip on the 10 freeway from Palm Springs.  Contact Kristy at (909) 615-0099 if you are interested in giving this dog a loving home.  This healthy, mix breed dog has many years left to bring joy to your home.  Please share Pinto’s story to help him find a home.  December is about the celebration of giving and holiday magic, and there is no better time than now to adopt a special rescue dog like Pinto.